Cokie years ago she in now 64

Cokie years ago she in now 64

I  love the sound of Cokie Roberts’ voice on National Public Radio. She sounda so intelligent and interesting. However, little did I know was she is just reading. I guess that’s what made her sound so knowledgeable. I say this because she has apparently been dumbed down by ABC. Cokie has forgotten that Hawai’i is part of the U S of A. (She did say it was a state, like it maybe isn’t really a state). So all us folks who maybe are a little cornfused about how many states there are and where they are will need to search out an Atlas.  You know all us folks who spend our vacation days painting our house or building a new fence who never see the sands of Myrtle Beach.  By the way that’s how it’s really spelled, Hawai’i I mean. So all you grade school teachers who read my blog. Check it out. Cokie, with that sound of authority questioned the almost African exotic holiday location of Barack Obama. Hawai’i !  Isn’t it right of the coast of Zanzibar?  How many people have taken a vacation to Hawai’i? I damn sure wouldn’t be going to Myrtle Beach. Cause, just cause!  The thing that Cokie forgot to mention is that this is America and Barack Obama can go any damn will he pleases on vacation.  Especially, while Toxic George is off in a really foreign country where  they make all of America’s stuff. I know Cokie (by the way Cokie, what kind of name is that if you want someone to take you seriously, shouldn’t it be Cokie girl, or Cokie honey, or maybe Cokie deary)  being a white educated women she should really knows better where Barack and family should be spending their free time. Maybe Cokie can write some of his speeches and pick out his ties. The problem now is we are in the dog days of summer (The Dead Zone). People are trying to get their kids in school, the Olympics are going strong, people want to get away before summer is over. The conservative bloggers have typed their fingers to the bone and need a rest. The Republicans are trying to pin a new avatar on Barack. So why not a little trip to Hawai’i. I think Cokie can go anywhere she wants to go for her vacation just leave everyone else alone. Think she might have gone to a Hawai’i already. I thinks she’s been a little uppty since she’s helping out at ABC, a Myrtle Beach kind of girl.

It’s now time for Hillary to back away from Barack Obama and let him be a ‘Raisin in the Sun’ all by his lonesome. It’s time for the man who would become President to stand tall. Hillary really needs to take Billy boy and go off on a vacation. Have some fun. If she decides to run again it should be after her divorce from her passive-aggressive sexually out of control studly husband. Those blow jobs are still costing Hillary plenty.  Barack Obama needs to have free reign over his run for the Presidency. It’s apparent that the Paper Press or Entertainment News are unable to treat Hillary with any respect or honesty. Barack Obama will be getting plenty from the conservative ‘liberal’ Press.  I hear that Bush has set aside about $100 million dollars of blood money from the Iraqi war fund to try to keep his blood brothers in power. Maybe his buddy’s the Saudis can spare a dime. I sure they can with the price of oil. Barack will need of the help he can get from all of us sinners. If Hillary became VP candidate it would all be about her and Billy and all the sins of their past. The full light has not been shining on Barack all that much. Hillary has been taking most of the hits. So now she is not there to shield him he will be on his own. It time to walk on his own. Hillary is to Barack what Bill is to Hillary. She will be unable to add anything to the new kid of the block. Suddenly she is old school with old school ways. Kind of out of date in a new cyberworld of politics.  Hillary is part of the old school politics of race as is Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Dr. Wright and all the holy rollers of religious blowhards who sole job was to make blacks feel cheated and mistreated. Building their base on discontentment and not uplifting.  If anything magical has happened it is the black middle class coming of age. It is leaving that old school mentality behind. Hopefully even the Black drug culture that Hollywood loves to push. Is almost as bad as the way Hollywood treated the American Indians in the first part of the last century. Obama maybe magical in the sense he is not carrying the baggage of a miserable past where black was not beautiful or not ugly just was. The name of the game has changed. Talking the same ole crap just won’t cut it. I think Hillary needs to go home watch, listen and learn. There really is a new world of politics a coming. The politics that got George Bush into office is hopefully gone forever and maybe that old school of misery that it brought is gone also.

My goodness it’s like George Bush all over again. You said something bad or disagree with him then bad things happen to you.  Northwestern had pulled Jeremiah Wright’s honorary Degree cause he has been a bad boy.  He won’t ‘Sieg Heil’ Barack Obama. I don’t know that  Barack has the power of George Bush, at least, not quite yet.  How can a man of God be a bad person?  Do I mean like Jerry Falwell was a good person. No one every railed against him all that much. Of course he was over on the other side of the political tracks. Guess that does really make a difference. I believe this is the first time the Democrats have systemically wanted to silence anyone from the left. Again people mistake religion for love and understanding. Hello, religion has nothing to with love or understanding. It has nothing to with all those thing we have over the years attributed to it.  Religion is again about power and control. That’s it bubba. There is a suicidal trend which almost appears Republican in nature. Something we haven’t seen in the Democratic Party. Has part of the Party morphed into Republicans or maybe Republicans morphing into Democrats. I think this is where the white folks start talking about a lynching. Taking that uppity Revd. Jeremiah Wright and give him what for. I didn’t think it would come from a black Presidential candidate.  All you Democrats/Fake Democrats who want Barack to win the nomination. You might ask how badly do you want to win.  Is it a character flaw if Barack Obama attended a church week after week that had a preacher he don’t agree with and abhorred? How about a fatal flaw, huh? By the way, who was the ignorant mother who thought putting religion in politics, I think the asshole was a Republican.  I think it was George Bush.

A little song for Hillary and all those of you who still believe in fairness!

Jason Walker sings this song:

Who really needs Barrack Obama, he is really in the way. I mean sometimes he gets in the way of the Hillary bashers. The election isn’t about weighing one candidate against the other.  It’s more like the isolation of Barrack Obama. Because he can’t hold up in the light of day. Why the onslaught on Hillary. Barrack Obama can pretty much go on a vacation, maybe Hawai’i. Somewhere maybe in another world. He isn’t really needed here at this point. Maybe we won’t need him at all, who knows. He has been blessed like many of his generation of  wise street smart young black men who were just there to take what was given. Now another gift from a country on the edge of collapse. I think we need someone who has not been soiled by the dirt of political life that we all had our hand in. All of us, need to wash the blood and dirt from our hands from an America that throw away all the principles that have made us great.  We have become what we are.  All we can do is hate Hillary she is a symbol of the politics we think got us where we are.  Hillary is has become George Bush, we have to hate someone for this madness.  We have to vent our outrage toward someone. We know that it useless to rant and rave at Toxic George Bush, he doesn’t hear.  The Congress is even less responsive than ole skull and cross bones.  So we’ll let Hillary have it.  At least she will respond more than what we are use to from our government.  Hillary seems to get all the attention like some spoiled kid who been bad, really bad to quote Larry Craig.  I don’t believe that our boy Barack Obama could take what Hillary has been taking. I think he would crumble like a house of cards. If anything, Hillary has proved she is not quitter.  Maybe we need to dump on Barack for about a week and see if he doesn’t cry.  Hillary has already proved she is more of a man than Barack for putting up with all the crap the American political world has dump on her. While Mr. Obama has been smelling the roses. I wonder what the Press is really afraid, that he won’t hold up under a real scrutiny. We’ll see. This is the kind of dishonesty that has us where we are today.  We will never learn, will we?

I guess we Americans should now understand why Hillary is doing so badly. Not because she lies, for God sake, if lying was the sin we are making it out to be George Bush would be a Gitmo and water boarded 24/7.  It’s not because she cried, because men cry all the time take John Boehner he is the court’s cryer. He cries at a Kotex commercial. It’s not that Hillary is not a good politician, she has been around awhile and can handle herself quiet well. The real problem is Hillary is out of the box. She is a women. A cunt as John McCain called his beloved wife. I didn’t know ‘cunt’ was a term of endearment. The names we call women are more to the core, more personal.  With men it’s business and the words are less damaging and less ruthless.  For women, it’s different. there are no door bared. Don’t forget Imus’ ‘nappy headed hoes’. No place we won’t go to degrade a women. Even women join in America’s pastime, degrading women.  I don’t think I ever heard anyone call David Vitter a fucking whore even though is truly a man whore. I don’t think I heard anyone say much about Gov. Spitzer except that he might be addicted to sex.  I did hear he like to wear fish net stockings, that would make him a whore, I believe.  We understand now, I guess, that women don’t respect each other here in the land of the free.  A member of the Time Magazine staff  used the word ‘pussy’ to in a quote to describing Barack Obama governing abilities.  That is also not a word of endearment. It a word use to degrade a man by calling him a women or at least part of a women.  Air American’s Randi Rhodes called Hillary a fucking bitch, so that make Rhodes a fucking bitch just by being a women.  Everyday in the headlines we read about terrible things men do to women.  You name it, anything goes.  The Great State of Texas just rescued 400 women from a David Karash type compound. What the hell is going on with that. I’m not even going to the world of black rap and hip hop and how it degrades women. I guess America is ready for a black President, bro. Not to worry, it’s not just a black thing. I guess the way we are treating Hillary is the way we treat all our women.  Paris Hilton, Britany Spears, Anna Nicole Smith that’s what we Americans like. That’s where women belong not in politics. They don’t have the balls for it, so to speak.  We are a nation of stout hearted men who love their sports and their beer and pussy anywhere they can find it.  Women are just for sex. Just remember to keep them in their place with a little verbal abuse. It’s nice to be a man.  Bitches just love us.