Obama Re-election! No way!

January 16, 2010

I just read that President Obama would only receieve 39% of votes right now if it was 2012.  Wow, that means I can run for President and win. Or maybe it’s time to have Jay Leno run.  Or maybe anyone.  That bitch from New York City, Rudy Guiliana could win no questions ask.  Michelle Bachman the White Queen from the the frozen north could win.  My God, it’s the f—ing lottery for anyone who wants to put their name in. Buy a ticket you could be the next President of the United States.  Oh, I forget, it’s one of those polls that pits the President against no one or everyone and he can’t win.  Everyone wants someone else. The conservatives want someone who will bring them to victory(whatever, dude). The liberals want someone just anyone who will listen to them.  Is this the 39% that held George Bush together for years or is it some bodies else. Is it the black folk of the south that loves the some black President.  Who are the people who want a different President. Sorry boys and girls  this is as different as it will ever be in the land of greed and money.


Again we are shooting at clay pigeons like we always do.   Rush Limbaugh again has released a few clay pigeons.  We are again reacting to him.  Why are we so surprise every time that baby shits in his diaper.   Damn, how else will he ever keep this rating going.  Pat Robertson again has proven that “goodness” has nothing to do with religion.   Pat will spend his time in hell with all those who used God as a weapon on others. He is no better than the  Al Qaeda or any religion that used by others to further that evil ways.  My question is when will we stop acting like children everything Little Lord “Funkleroy” does his song and dance.  Rush is so 1980s and we are just as stupid as we were in the 1980’s.  Back to the future, with Rush.  He is so yesterday, so George Bush, so Dick Cheney, so Storm Thurman, so  Southern Chic.  Thousands of people of dead and dying and we are talking about Rush and Pat Robertson… Give me a fucking break.  It is the state of your NEWS today. “It’s Gossip Girl” and” Chelsey Lately”.  Its vulger and nasty and it’s not NEWS. It’s NEWS that has turned into Elevator music. If you don’t scream no one hears anymore.

Here’s wishing Rush Limbaugh a speedy recovery from chest pains.  This is the time of year is bad for stress on body and mind.  I’m not a big lover of Rush’s but I don’t wish him any harm.  Good luck in 2010! May your God protect you from the stresses of everyday life.  Here something a southern boy can appreciate.

or is there?  Hope all of us who have a knack for rasist humor will get a chance to display our wares.

  The genious mind of man. I likes it. It’s like Sunday fried chicken!

We Americans love a good watermelon joke, although it stopped being funning forty years ago.

It’s like those jokes about Priests and young boys. Real knee slappers!

Happy New Year! MO FO!