Conversatives or what!

July 2, 2013


In the world of Bible thumpers and gun toting dudes. All the magic seems to have gone away. I mean what the heck. The “Supreme Court” when they go my way I love them so much, but when they think like those other guys, they are devils and all that bad names we have been saving for those other bad folks. Are what they are.  I can’t believe the world has changed so much and yet not change at all. But that’s what our government wants. If  we think like cavemen, they can do what they want. One surprising think I’ve learn the last week was that it’s all about money. It’s about benefits and sharing benefits. It’s about treating people the same, that’s the problem. A little male on male hanky-panky that’s nothing. Its the money stupid. Corporate America has pretty well excepted benefits for same-sex partners . Its those Americans who want as much as they can get but afraid someone get more than them. The truth is nothing is what it seems. After the boys get finishing putting the spin on it apples are oranges and Plums are whatever they can make them. We have a congress so bad that nothing happening. It time for congress to close down and go home. Somehow its Obama’s doings. Rush Limbaugh need come to the rescue or has that time passed. Is he an “Old Timer” and out of date or is it the congress. The Jesus boys have been sold out or has the bullshit stopped. Congress is to busy doing what white people have always done, trying to keep a black person from succeeding. Cutting off their noses to spite their faces. Lets see who noses are left in the end. Will the Koch brother be able to put the Grand Ole Party back together again.