There may be global warming and there maybe melting ice caps around the poles, but in the world of politics and the Mass Media we are already living without gravity. You know that pressure that keep us all grounded in some sort of reality. It’s something that we don’t feel but it there and now it appears to be gone, politics having an unbounded ablitiy to do and say anything. There is not truths or lies, there is no good or bad. Maybe a little like walking on the moon. We have become an America with not rules. Eight years of you know who, has freed us all up to do as we please and say what we want. There are no religions to stand up and hold us down to keep us from floating into outer space of political suicide.  At one time the Churches help us all stay grounded in some truth but now they do nothing. It appears they have lost their gravity too. Of course, religion by it’s nature has no gravity, reason and religion are opposite.  Politicians that once were bound by honor are lawless and good for nothing. The Press and the Mass Media also held our sacred trust. Now the lawlessness of no gravity has them floating into a world of carnival barkers.  As the American people no longer listen to them they must up the ante and make sure their voice are heard. My god who would have thought we would be where we are today. Hopefully when gravity does return the free fall will not kill us all. Maybe we won’t recognize America after the fall. I’m afraid that we have such a limited time to get our feet back on the ground or we will just float out into space.

I don’t know where they are going with this but the second one has Madonna singing! Jesus has a really nice body. Can I say that?  Politics of Religion



In the year 2525

May 6, 2008

If man is still alive,  if woman can survive. I was just wondering if we will evolve into something different. Will Jesus be our savior. Will Mohamed be worshiped by all the muslims of the new universe. Will Buddha still bring confront to the sick and lost. Will all the lesser Gods have their places in our minds and ‘hearts’. Will the Bible still be there to divide us from each other. When we are living a million miles from earth will we still hold the Middle East as the center of our beliefs.  Is there a new world of sins and abomination out there?  Are we all doomed to live under the laws of cave dwellers and mystical Gods who have yet to show their faces. When we no longer engage in sex what will be the new sin. When marriage is no longer necessary to bind two people together will we find a new absurdities to make your existence sinful. As we expand into the universe will we take all the baggage of war and hate with us. Will the Bibles again separate us and make us kill and damage each other.  Will it be there like a bad Chromizone to keep bound to the winds of emptiness. Will we take on a new language of life that will leave those child like existences forever.  Will be just have more of the same.  When we can no longer worry about food and warmth will be find some new to destroy each other.  When oil is no longer the answer to our problems what will we find to make our lives miserable. When we are so far from this planet we can’t see it will we still take the badness with us or will good and bad be so relevant. In ten thousand years how far will we be from where we are right now? Will religion follow us into the great unknown and be there to comfort us and spear us on to new sins, new hates, to enemies, new wars, new abmoninations and most of all keep our minds bound to the past.

My goodness it’s like George Bush all over again. You said something bad or disagree with him then bad things happen to you.  Northwestern had pulled Jeremiah Wright’s honorary Degree cause he has been a bad boy.  He won’t ‘Sieg Heil’ Barack Obama. I don’t know that  Barack has the power of George Bush, at least, not quite yet.  How can a man of God be a bad person?  Do I mean like Jerry Falwell was a good person. No one every railed against him all that much. Of course he was over on the other side of the political tracks. Guess that does really make a difference. I believe this is the first time the Democrats have systemically wanted to silence anyone from the left. Again people mistake religion for love and understanding. Hello, religion has nothing to with love or understanding. It has nothing to with all those thing we have over the years attributed to it.  Religion is again about power and control. That’s it bubba. There is a suicidal trend which almost appears Republican in nature. Something we haven’t seen in the Democratic Party. Has part of the Party morphed into Republicans or maybe Republicans morphing into Democrats. I think this is where the white folks start talking about a lynching. Taking that uppity Revd. Jeremiah Wright and give him what for. I didn’t think it would come from a black Presidential candidate.  All you Democrats/Fake Democrats who want Barack to win the nomination. You might ask how badly do you want to win.  Is it a character flaw if Barack Obama attended a church week after week that had a preacher he don’t agree with and abhorred? How about a fatal flaw, huh? By the way, who was the ignorant mother who thought putting religion in politics, I think the asshole was a Republican.  I think it was George Bush.

Now we get to see the real America. The America that has been hiding from sight. The true America that George Bush as been trying to kill for so long. The American people have spoken.  Rev. Phelps you are a disgrace to America and to God.  Rev. Phelps can only survive in a world that the Conservatives  dominate.  A preacher for a God that he made up in his own twist mind. A God like that God that those extremist Muslims have. A God that speaks only to him. A God who has the qualities of Freddie Kruger or Jason in Halloween.  His God, a Frankenstein of man made Gods. Frankengod!  A God that serves the selfish and strangly demented.  A God to serve man not a God to be served. Is this the last hurrah for organized religion. Are all the super Churches and the super religions just a bunch of radical political folks that have no God. They worship the glitz and shine of their own being.  The ghost of a once almighty God serves them and does their bidding. Not the other way around. If God is not dead maybe the earthy religions that have chosen to define him and twist his form into something to be bought and sold like chocolate Jesus at Easter are.  Virtual God in 3m to please the masses.  Maybe the computer Geek will control the Gods of our future.  People like Phelps whose twisted believe in a God of his own making will steer us all to a new and better world. Governed my men who have lost their way in the starry universe of beliefs and Gods. We have not lost our way in America as our government would like us to think. We are finding our way out of the lies and misinformation of the past seven years. I think we are seeing more clearly than ever.  The Godless people who live in those crystal towers of deceit and their army of thieves that want to steal our beliefs in America away.  That is the idol they worship. The golden oxen in their own mind. The pagan ideas that live in the gray matter of their brains.  I think we have had enough of the abstract  musing of those nightmare spinners of organized religion. I think that Rev. Phelps was just had a good ole fashioned reality check. Hopefully it was our wake up call too. It’s time to get America back on track.

These are the three elements that make the circle of life go around.  Religion and sex have been intermixed from the beginning of time.  Adam and Eve and a little sex after sharing a Red Delicious in the garden of Eden.  That started all that begotten. The Bible was written by men and try as men try, after food, sex gets more play than anything else from the gray matter.  When you’re writing a wonderful book like the Bible or at least helping to write it, the homones still keep churning out the underlying need for men to get a little now and then.  The ten commandments is basically a protection of men and their stuff and sex. Don’t be lusting after someone’s asswife.  So when ever someone got out their Bic and started writing there was this need to discuss sex. You see as man became more civilized he wanted some sort of protection so he could get his fair share of sex.  I’m sure that in the caveman days of Ally Oop the studly guys with all the muscles were getting all the girls. And I mean all the girls.   Pre-Darwin there was Ally Oop’s survival of the fittest.  Even before gay hairdresser and makeup artist there was that certain thing women had. This is when sex and religion married, if you will.  Religion promises men that they will get a little from time to time.  At least until they get married. Marriage that’s a really good idea. The church or religion will guarantee that man will get all he can handle. Great move. When writing some of the Bible with sex still igniting the gray matter. The thoughts of two hot good looking men working out in the fields. The muscled bodies glistening in the hot sun.  The smell of their unwashed body. Someone’s mind has run amok. That’s where Leviticus and the abomination all gets started.  I guess we know what an Abomination really is or you just glad to see me. From Lott having sex with his daughters to Samson lust after Dehlia sex and religion has been align from the beginning. Partners in supply and demand. Then here comes politics. Like the three stooges of our existence. They be slapping each other around and doing their slap-stick ever since. Mormons were the first to go over board letting men have as many sex partners as they want as long as they marry them first. Primo dude.  Politics was invented so when religion failed to deliver sex on demand like those PPV cable channels, the Politicians were there to do so. Sex and religion would flourish with Politicians at the helm. The only problem is politics opened the door for the 7 deadly sins.  The sins that most politicians and that gray matter can’t resist. Religion became uncertain of its role as sex began to get out of control. Maybe too much of a good thing.  The role of religion had always been to insure that men get all they want but now it’s out of control. It’s time for the politicians to step in where religion failed. See how that works. Politicians are now regulating sex.  As goes the circle of life. Deciding who does what to whom. Yes, Larry, Curly and Moe.