One by one the Press and the TV News Media are stepping up and saying yes they betrayed the trust of the America people for Toxic George Bush.  They lied or twisted the News to put the Republicans in a good light.  Hopefully this will be the death blow to the Print Media who has proven many times they are not worthy of our trust. They are probably not doing this because they want to. I think it might have to do with the once WH News Secretary’s new book. Another fine day for America at the funny farm. You might have thought that the CNN was incompetent or something but no they were just lying. I don’t really mind the lies as much as not reporting worthy News Stories. The truth usually comes out in the long run. I think we Americans have seen the assault on all our institutions that should be on the verge of collapse from Banking to the fourth estate to the Constitution.  The ‘Rush Limbaugh factor’ was help turn the News Media on it’s ear.  That factor being what does the truth have to do with anything. Ratings mean more than that damn truth thingy.  Glamour News is the order of the day.  I remember the glory days of CNN as a reporter reported from Baghdad in Desert Storm. OH, MY GOD! How the mighty have been crushed by the hand of Toxic George.  Now CNN is a silly-assed SNL parody of itself. A joke like the rest of those Talking-Head metrosexual guys and the Barbie Girls of ‘Newsless News’ Networks. I quit watching them several years back.  When a National cable News network reports more about Britany Spears than they do the War we know we are in deep shit.  The death of Anna Nicole Smith got almost as much coverage as 911. Concidering she was just one person maybe more. If there is no honor in our institutions were is no honor anywhere in business.  Business emulates what the government does and gets away with. If you have read my blog often you know I have been screaming about this very thing for over a year. Surprise. If it barks like a duck and waddles like a dog it must the the lying Press. We might also look into the anti-Hillary conspiracy by the Press and Mass TV Media.  Doesn’t sound so far fetched now does it.  That damn truth thing is a double edged sword. It will get you coming and going.

O’Reilly: “I don’t want to go on a lynching party against Michelle Obama unless there’s evidence, hard facts, that say this is how the woman really feels”.

Do you believe that Bill O’Reilly didn’t know exactly what he was saying.  He read it from a piece of paper. If I say something mean and degrading to you off the top of my head out of anger, that’s forgivable but when I have a piece of paper in my hand and I’m reading it. Well you can conclude I wanted to say what I said.  The is a poly that the Fascist Right talking head have been using for about twenty years. It’s how they get their listeners to listen to them. The story moves from Mrs. Obama to Bill O’Reilly.  He said a terribly offensive racist remark but Americans are used to that.  We have been listening to Rush Liarbaugh for all these years.  We seem to have become immune to these hyenas and their attention getting statements. We are spending more and more time discussing Right Wing talking heads than we do talking about the candidates running for Presidency.  These maggot talking heads know that if they don’t produce they will be gone in a heart beat.  So they try to say and do what is most offensive.  It doesn’t matter how cruel or mean or stupid it makes them look because it’s the thing that keeps them on the air.  Do you think that Rush Lairbaugh has been around for so long by speaking the truth. The truth is conservatism is a dull as mud. He is way bright enough to have figured that out a long time ago. Every time he says some really outlandish and offensive he is just insuring that he will have a job the next week. So when you hear this calious and hate fulled comments by the boys and girls from the Right you must realize it puts the bacon in the frying pan. I just don’t understand why we still listen to them. They have nothing new. More of the same. More of the mud they have been slinging like forever.  All the facist talking heads are from a generation of mememe. They are the most important issue they can talk about. They are the news. They are what the world of politics has become. I have yet to hear anyone ask about the national debt. When wall street crashes and it will crash maybe the jackass might talk about something besides themselves. There is an interplay between cable networks that build up each other. Making them seem important. CNN–All the Bullshit–all the time. The conflict between MSNBC and Fox is for the benefit of their ratings not their new gathering abilities. Not informing America of important information. Everyone has their own agenda and it’s hasn’t anything do with the News or the election, it’s ratings.