The Bible, the Book of what!

June 19, 2008

I was wondering as I was listening to all the radio and TV preachers when did the Bible become the book of Satan.  Who magically transformed a book of love to a book of hate. When was that moment when the words change from love and kindness to what sounds of evil and meanness.  These words from Godless men whose mouths are of the devil but they call themselves men of God. I listened to Mr. Hagee (Mr not Reverend, there is nothing Reverend about him). I can’t believe the hatred and evil this man speaks. A man of God who speaks such evil is not of God but of Satan.  He speaks of abortion like a has been on the front lines all these years fighting against it. Then he starts a relentless attack on women. That mythical women of scorn. Giving women the scarlet letter just for being a women. Now I see why American men despise women so.  Dr. Wright(I don’t think he is a Dr. anymore). Not a man of love and understand or a man of hope and dreams but a man of meanness and hate. Blaming others, not taking responsiblity for one own actions. Blaming the color of his skin for his short comings. As the black people move forward there will be no room for people like Dr. Wright.  My own family preacher as I was growing up had that same hate and meanness about him eventhought he appeared to be a kind and gentle man. The words of love often turned from goodness to angry and unforgiving rage.  He refused to speak at graduation at my high school because’those other people’ would be there. He would have been out of his element. All three of these men have one thing in common they have a God who is mean and unforgiving. A God to destroys people and things. Each underestimating Gods real power. Katrina is kinderspiel, the flood in the Midwest, nonsense. The destruction of the dinosaurs now that’s God. Floods, fires, earthquakes, and those nasty things that happen year after year are not God vengeance. I think God has put on this earth a Book of Love, then he gave us humans some special abilities to reason and think. The Bible is a Book of Love.  Why do so many hate fulled people hold it so close to their heart.  Most of all why do we listen.


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