I will not steal Tucker Carlson’s moment of glory from him. All men need a story to tell the children and grandchildren. Stories that he can tell on some winter’s night. The smell of wood burning in the fireplace.  Do I believe the story. Hell no. Tucker Carlson doesn’t have the balls to do anything like that. Frist of all he looks like a fairy. You know the Craigites that are sodomites. I’m going to use the language that Republicans use against gays. If its good enough for the gay it’s good enough for straight guys like bowtie Carlson. The first time I saw him on TV my gaydar meter started jerking around. The 100’s of millions of men who have use the public toilets over the years seemed to have faired better than the Tucker boy. I’m not saying that he is a member of the Republican Men’s Toilet Society. I don’t find his toilet humor very humorous.  I’m not saying Tucker Carlson was doing the Craig two step.  He may have been trying to buy drugs or something.  I myself refuse to us a public restrooms for health reasons.  That’s why God man made McDonalds. They have restroom. It not for the food for God sakes.  Fast food places have the best and safest restrooms. Always clean and easy access. In Idaho we have all new roadside rest stops.  Clean and someone lives adjacent to the place.  I guess that’s why Craig was in Minnesota. I would love to know the real story about what really happen with Tucker Carlson. What has turned him into a Ninja Toilet Trooper.  10cents says it wasn’t the way he said it was. If he happened to me I surely would be telling anyone.  What he is saying is someone thought  he was available. I hope he wasn’t wearing one of those bowties. You know what wearing one of those says. I have a good toilet story I’m write some other time. A clean toilet story. Tucker Carlson attempt to steal just a moment in the spotlight failed miserably.  Why are we use to fake conservatives.  I think Tucker should leave the Toilet Militia and maybe he could work with the fashion police.

Amos and Andy–The Republicans have decided that Blacks and Liberals should be linked together so that the slime buckets may somehow win something in the election. The election will be the most overtly Racist Presidential campaign that have seen in a while. The words black and liberal are going to be married to help save the Party of self destruction. Head Rush and all the talking heads will be talking about how the liberals are catering to the blacks and how the black are inferior to us white folks. We’ll have go back to the 1950’s where this type of overtly racist tactics was last used. The Republicans will have to smear the whole of the black race to, in the end, zero in on Barrack Obama. There will be race baiting similar to what the south has used for years. This new onslaught on the blacks is fueled by people who have been stewing in their own pathetic pent up hatred since LBJ and the 1960’s. Hatred that has been passed on to another generation. Begrudging the blacks any effort to free themselves from poverty and ignorance. Yes, my friends, 60 years later and we are still fighting that ole demon that should have been gone a long time ago. But thanks to religion it is still alive and kicking butt. You can see it as new vigilante justice has surfaced against Hispanics. You say is about illegal immigration. No it is not. Its about that good ole Texas style racist. I was brought there, I know. We know that the Republican have nothing. They have abandoned their conservative teaching and are anchorless. It has been leadership by decree. There is no gravity to hold them to conservative teachings. The only thing they have is a lot of isms: Racism, Fascism, and Sexism. All those other isms that work when a Party is bankrupt.  I was listening Head Rush last week. He was gone but the boys that replaced himself had out their ‘slime the blacks’ brushes. If you really want to see how your Talking-Lair-Head Gods works, get you a pencil and see how many times he works his magic talking about Liberal and blacks or even maybe Hispanics. He will do you Rushheads proud. I know he is just entertaining you white folks with his own kind of down home racism. lol-not. Maybe they could bring back ‘ Amos and Andy’. Rush could be Amos and Glenn Beck could Andy. Ain’t that right KingFish. It’s a very dangerous road boys from the right. You might just end up stepping and fetchin for a Party that loses it ass, big time.

I really don’t like to sound mean when talking about Larry Craig. I was at the gym today with two TV’s hanging from the ceiling, one CNN and the other on Fox. There was a room full of men and women working out. Probably the majority of them Mormon. On and off for an hour there was the story about Larry Craig. Thank God there was not sound. I was uncomfortable not because of Larry Craig being gay but having CNN and Fox both explaining in detail what had transpired. I was like watching gay porn in the gym. I was glad when my hour was over. The first thing that hit me was that it coincided with the resignation of Alberto Gonzales. I was kind of thinking that this sure sounds like something that the Bush Boys might do. Anything to deflect anything away from George Bush and his legacy of failure. I mean there was no terrorist threat nor did I see Ann Coulter out and about. You don’t think that George Bush don’t know about this. This all happened  months earlier, why now. I thought  George Bush had just one more Republican to throw under the bus. Some more collateral damage in a Presidency gone bad.  The sad thing about all these stories is the fact that a person has to hide from his real self and become kind of toilet troll with the sweet smell of air freshener that all those airport restrooms have. It’s sad that Larry couldn’t be who he really is. Not some old school Faggot hanging out a some freaky ass public toilet for sex.  He is so far in the closet there is no light. He has bolted the door from reality. His whole future depends on whether we believe his lies. That’s sad isn’t it. Is he a hypocrite,  probably not. You see the fake Larry Craig believes everything he says. That fake Larry Craig is a wonderful guy with family values. The fake Larry Craig is the best Senator that Idaho has ever had.  The real Larry is part of  the whole.  He has divided himself up.  Kind of a dual personality.  He is in survival mode. Do I think he should resign. No. I think we need him up there for us to look at ourselves and what we can do to people who we tell they are sub-human or human trash. He is no worst than any of those other politicians. David Vitter, who can’t keep it in his pants. No one ask for him to resign. George Bush excuse me. Then you ask me if Larry Craig should resign. You’re asking about the wrong person.  Larry is old school. The old days when you went to some rundown bar to meet others. Hope the police didn’t raid the place. Take your sex where you can get it.  The new generation of gay men won’t settle for that. They want commitment and relationship everything that Larry Craig voted against.  Who would have thought it.  I guess it’s just old school.

Faggot: what Republicans call gay people.

I don’t like to write posts about Iraq. Not because it’s a horrible situation and that we should not have every enter the pack with the devil.  Iraq has made us all horrible people. We are killer and murders. Not doubt about it.  America kills children and old men and women.  That’s why I don’t like to write about Iraq.  I’m not going to mention names because names are not important now.  We have involved ourselves in something that isn’t honest. We never went to save anyone from anything.  I’m not going to mention why were are there. I mean the real reason.  We have enter into something that as Americans don’t we do.  We have thrown our young men and women in harms way.  We are trying to blame it on someone else but it is us that have done this awful thing.  We are responsible for what is happening.  We are co-conspirators in this horrible crime against another nation.  We are occupying another country. You know a how occupying army treats the people it’s occupying.  We know from history.  It has been so convenient to blame our leaders or a political party but it is us. We are the people.  We can’t blame anyone but ourselves.  We just now need to shut up.  Stop all the noise that clouds our thinking.  We have separated our government for ourselves or maybe they have separated themselves from us.  We can not separate our selves from the pain and suffering that the Iraq people have suffered because of us. You may think I’m talking about the soldier and what they are doing. No, if you think that your still missing the point. You see we are the soldiers. We are the occupiers. It’s not those people. It is we.  So tomorrow when we start up all the white noise.  We will have to remember. We are the people. We are guilty. There are not scriptures that will say what we are doing is right.

A young guy from Dallas in southeast Asia 1967We know what happens to Bobble toys that don’t bobble. When their bobble heads don’t move to the beat to the drum of the great white oil baron from the West. We know what happens to puppets that don’t move to the pull of a string.  We know what happen when George Bush is crossed.  Another chapter in the blame game. Will Maliki become a victim of ‘friendly fire’ like our own great hero Pat Tillman.  Will the Al Qeada somehow get to him like they do others that are no longer needed. I guess we all know that the Surge3 isn’t working or it Surge2.  I can’t keep up.  It’s still so sad. We set and watch as George Bush screws up things again.  We stand patiently as he tries again to succeed again. The poor man is pitiful.  Almost as pitiful as we who stand and watch him as he plays with the Rubric’s Cube of life and death.  Failing again, as the death count grows each day. We set back and shake our heads.  The leaders of America are so sad. They so pathetic. There is no real leadership left. Only the holy rollers, that haven’t got a clue.  They were only placed where they are because of their incompetence.  I just wondering what will be left of the America soldiers and their psyche. What will be left of Iraq. What will be left of a nation invaded by us. We show no shame. That’s what hurts. We are shameless.  America has revisited its past again because we refuse to learn.  Viet Nam revisited. There are no rice patties. There is just sand and death.  America’s legacy on ignorance.  A legacy of a President unfettered by law and order.  A legacy of perversion that we American might will not recover from.  Hopefully George won’t be the one that writes his own history, who knows.  George Bush doesn’t represent us. We, America represent him. We are America not George Bush.  Someday he will be gone but America will still be here.  It will us that has to pick up the pieces.  We will have to revive our constitution.  We will have to free our self of him forever.  We should pray for the American soldiers who are enduring such horrible conditions.  When we should pray for the Iraqis who we are destroying daily. I don’t care what the history books say as long as we are rid of him.

In the upcoming months there will be more faux terrorist claims. Many more plots and sub-plots of those who will do America harm.  Before the election it will be at fever pitch. Talking about Maniacs.The Swift Boaters of the Republican will be doing their stuff to scare the crap out of Americans.  The faux-Religious folks will be worshiping the Gods of  election Victory. The sins of fairies and such.  There will more talks about abominations galore.  There will be a witches brew for the Republicans to try to salvage their Judas party. The party that sold America for a momentary grasp of power.  Democrats, do they deserve anything from America? The only thing that will help them is the disdain for a Republican Party gone wild.  I guess we need them to clear out of the fascist that Bush has hidden in our government.  Fascist like terrorist ready to step forward on command to do what damage they can.  Clean the reigns of dictatorship that “George the Conqueror” has so strongly grasp so tightly in his hand. The  ‘Cowboy Diplomacy’ that is basically not diplomacy at all.  Outlaw Diplomacy, Cowboy Diplomacy: same same. The twin vixen: Ann Coulter and Bay Buchanan with their long sexy legs doing their Sharon Stone legs thingy with their short skirts. Just to get our attention. Spewing their venom as only two worthless talking heads can do like a two headed Medusa.  Newt will be there to throw a grenade into the mix  now and again like a mad bombers of sorts. The big guns will be  aimed at the  Hispanic population. They will take a beating whether they are illegal or not. There is already vigilantes like the KKK roaming the streets of American hunting down people who look like illegal aliens.  Blacks will be next, thanks to Vick there is already ammo to start boat to start ‘swifting’.   With the backing of the federal government the talk-lair-radio maggots heads will be going full blast. All the federal agency advertising to shore up a failing network of fascist propagandist talking Cretans.  All the conservative groups will be dumping money on them like there is no tomorrow.  Anarchy usually appears to come for the left.  Today, it’s coming from the right. The Right that wants so badly to control every movement of everyone in America.  The only problem is it can’t be done.  The old needle in the hay stack. Attacks on Hilary will be merciless and relentless like in the nineties. You will hear everything that she is a lesbian to a power hungry bitch.  I think the lesbian part won’t come until the last of the election. Like Karl Rove did to Ann Richards  in Texas to get George elected. The truly Religious Right knows they must put aside all their morals and their beliefs of what is good and right so the war against the Godless Democrats can be won.  Yes, they have met the devil and they have embraced him.  Their only hope is the four horses of Apocalypse will ride up and swoop us all up.  Yes, ladies and germs, it will Gods and Monsters until after the elections.

I know that 10,000 isn’t all that much since February but hey it 1,000,000,000 to me. I see other blogs with way high counts and I’m not jealous as one might think.  I wish I had more comments. I post all comments good or bad.  I have only had about 35 or so. If you have any would love to hear them. I try not to use star power to get hits. That’s using persons like Lindsay, Paris and all those quick hit girls. It will shoot your hits up. I don’t have any porn or sex to sell so I have limited resources. Just my brain that which is challanged everyday. Hope someone likes what I write. I know I changing everyday. Still don’t have the persona I want. Sometimes too mean, somethings too stupid, sometimes boring but working all but one of those, you guess. Thanks to all you guys that ‘hit me just one more time’. later.