Republican Congressman, minority leader of the House,  finally hit bone. Yes, ladies and gents. We have landed on the Moon. We have hit rock bottom.  He and his Republican friends with the help of born again Southern Demos have made a clear path to our security net.  They have taken our saving thanks to Wall Street golden boys.  They have sucked our treasury dry with those Biblical wars and rumors of war. They have given billions to the rich.  They can’t pass a bill to keep America’s families afloat.  The Supreme Court now say everyone should be allowed to own guns.  Sounds like someone is  wanting a little anarchy a going here.  John Boehner stood  before congress crying like a big baby for us to kept killing Iraqis.  How we need money for George Bush’s War.  It appears that all those croq tears have all dried up.  John will have to get crying drunk to songs about how proud it is to be an American.  Don’t cry for the War anymore, now it’s time to cry on America.  What John Boehner has done to this great country.  John Boehner can cry in his beer as this country slides into decade.   The statue of Liberty needs to be changed. Forget the huddle masses. Just the rich and famous and big fat cry babies like John Boehner need apply.  George Bush wasn’t crazy enough to touch America’s safety net but John Boehner is only doing it out of love.  The wars have cost too much.  Killing is such an expensive venture but that socialist crap has to go.  Those Iraqis don’t need a safety net. God Bless ’em.   Does that make you want to cry Mr. Boehner.   I think not.  Aren’t you German. How f…ing sweet!  God bless your drunken heart!


I call this, “Be sure you want what you dream of.”

Crazy Bitch Sharron Angle

Harry Reid and the Demo boys have proved to be no better than the run of the mill Republicans. He has time and again proved that he is useless in the time of need for the American people. A get along kind of guy who is what is wrong with our government and America.  I’m sick of his bad excuse for Senate leadership. It’s time to bring Harry Reid back to the hot desert of Nevada. He has  enough crooked friend that he will do just fine.  As for the crazy bitch from Nevada at least she is sincere about what she thinks. Unlike Harry who has sold his soul a long time ago to big business. I wonder when was the last time he had an honest thought about what is right for America.  A crazy bitch is really what we need in Washington to bust up all those gangsterliticans that abound there.  So what’s one more nut case what’s the harm. At least Harry Reid will be out of there, once and for all.America is at the crossroads of it very existence as a democracy.  The transparency that President Obama was talking about has been more enlightening because of the Republicans belief  in American’s racism and that racism would hold them in stead.   The Republicans have shown to be nothing but on the take from business and their 10,000 lobbyists.  British Petroleum is a foreign company and both parties are kissing ass like there is no tomorrow.  They better kiss while their asses are warm.  We are headed for some hard serious times ahead. Welcome to the depression, folks.  The implosion of the American economy.  Fueled by the racism of both the left and the right.  People of color have always paid an important role in our elections.  If not blacks then Mexicans, illegal or not. Mostly as boogy men that want something from us.  They have never wanted anything except to be part of America.  They never ask once for our liberty or our freedom.  We have white men that work everyday to take that from us. I am thinking the “Crazy” is the new America. If they seem crazy you don’t know that they are going to do .  Harry Reid was there. He was partly the architect of our demise.  So how crazy would it be for us to elect him again.  How crazy to send him to finished the job he and his friends have begun.  I’m almost to the point of being crazy like Sharron Angle.



Whirlpool is moving its southern Indiana plant after taking millions in bailout money. Going down Mexico way. Some 1100 jobs gone south. Seems as much as America businesses complain they do prefer foreign labor to Americans. Many Republicans elected officials are complaining those who are unemployed are so because they are lazy and don’t want to work. The loudest being that of the newly formed ‘Tea Party’. As they bitch about illegal immigration jobs are going south and north and you name. Can you say India without any rrrrs. It seems that America is a full melt down. We are in a full China Syndrome melt down. All the Tea baggers want their country back they might want to go to Dubai or maybe Shanghai. Maybe a day trip up to Canada or down to Mexico. Those who love the Republican Party love the new jobless America. Unfortunately the bad boys of the Republican Party believe that it is business as usual. That those seeking office can call us what we used to call Mesins. Lazy good for nothings. Senator Orrin Hatch wants everyone who is unemployed to have a drug test. Now all Americans are druggies. Those scum of the earth Americans. The Republicans have always had it out for the Ameican people unless of course they are rich. They really haven’t had much use for the masses. Even as they bitch about us lazy Americans they kiss up to BP boys like they are some kind of Gods. If only the Republican and Democrats treated us like BP CEOs. So Ameica you want your country back, well this is your country right or wrong. You really never lost it. It was given away by the people you elected. We are really a third world country, get use to it.

Dream time

June 22, 2010

Again we see that a freak show can become more  freaky. I believe Mr. Hood was a Hommosexxuaal and a heroin addict.  He now married to a ‘girl’.  You think this might be a train wreck.  I hope it works out for him.  The only  problem is he forget about gaydar.  ding ding ding ding. Heroin now that’s a different story.  It might seem that Mr. Hood has made a lot of bad choices in his life. The prodigal son has returned.

Glee or what?