The First Rebirth—ModeskeletorWell, well, well, what has happened to the world of fascists. They all fall down and go boom! That’s the way I like it. They say is not because of George Bush but please, no one wants to cross Satan.  Cause it ain’t good luck. The Man, John Howard, has fallen like a Statue of Mussolini.  Australia will be taking it’s troops out of Iraq (550). Token amount to feed the dragon.  So to speak.  That’s what happens when you are trying to ‘Suckerpin’ up to the God of War, Herr Bushmeister.  I wish Australia hadn’t  embolden the idiot child of Barbara and George Sr. You see what happens when you don’t stick to your principles. When you go along to get a long. I wonder what George Bush promised him. Probably to take Rupert Murdock off their hands.  The renowned Jewish spin doctor of news and entrainment around the Anglo Saxon world. I don’t know if that is use that anymore. I think it’s Greek for “a bunch of dumbass white guys”.  I hope Australia doesn’t thinks their even by showing us that it’s not as painful as one might think to do the right thing, statues do fall, don’t they.  Sometimes it just take some balls downunder, if you know what I mean. I think we Americans learn quickly(seven years, not so quickly)and we will do the right thing when the time comes. Thanking you again for giving John Howard a real Texas sized Thumpin.  Hopefully we can get you favorite son, Rupert, back on the soil downunder. After the election we need to run that bastard out of town.    

Australia is about to vote out it’s conservative George Bush kiss up.  I don’t know if they even have any troops in Iraq or not. Of course I don’t know if we have any troops in Iraq after George Bush blacked out all the news coming out of there. Another Anglo Saxon English speaking country that was sucked into the war by George Bush and the War machine that is proving to be spreading war all over the Mideast. I know what’s next in America, the draft. Australia will probably get a chance to have more of it’s men and women killed Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other places as yet not mentioned. I think is an excellent for Australians to dump another one of George suck asses. He has pretty well screw up the whole Middle East and he ain’t through yet. You guys down under better get away from the Wild Man before he pulls you into something really big.