ny-skyline-night-1.jpgI know that Rudy had prostrate cancer, at least that’s what he’s been saying. I thought it was just an excuse to drop out of the election against Hilary. I’m thinking that he might be taking artificial hormones. Too many ‘man’ hormones at that. It maybe proof that male hormones also make you stupid. Rudy must have a bad case of testosterone poisoning. He is truly a politcian gone wild. In the true sense, I see no different between him and Brittany Spears. He career is a mess. The press is following him around for no real reason. He has abandoned his kids. I don’t know if he is wearing panties but my guess is no. The man is so full of himself he thinks he’s George Bush.  Rudy must be a manic depressive kind of guy. I hope this is his manic. It’s like he is fixing to explode any minute. Does someone need to call 911. No not 9/11. He calls that all the time. Rudy(Chicken Little) is so wanting to become the next Prez but it ain’t going to happen. One day soon he is going to blow like Mount St. Helena and watch out boys and girls there will be splatter. Any man who believe his own crap in politics is a loose cannon to start with. I’m afraid for Rudy, cause America is going go have to take a break from the radical right this next election. All the Rush Limbaughs and all the O’Reillys and all the Annie Coulters can’t put the Party back together again. I know you guys will be back but America need a break from all the death and all the destruction. A break from lies upon lies, disaster after disaster, one incompetent jerk after another incompetent jerk.  We need a pied Piper to drive all the rodents out of Washington D.C. All we need is a little rest from a Presidency gone terrible wrong. A government taken over by the Radical Religious who live by the rules of a made up God.


hilary_clinton.jpgUdated April 22, 2008

Chris Matthews is such a frigging joke. He is one of the real conservatives. The real enemy of Hillary has been the fake democrats. All those Republican who have registered as Democrats so they could defeat Hillary.  Hillary basically is fighting on all fronts. From people who say they are Democrats but they aren’t they are the ones who tell us to hate Hillary and love Barack Obama.  They tell us everyday that Hillary is ugly and old and hateful and all those things you hear about women everywhere.  She has been called a bitch, a whore, a liar and still she stands tall.  She has been shown no respect from the Press. She still stands strong. Obama has given her the finger.  A man who is running for President gave her the fucking finger. Can you believe that. Yet she is still strong. So who do you want for President Barack Obama, a immature man/boy who won’t be able to handle America’s problems. The kind of hate that has been seen towards Hillary is not of the Democratic Party it’s from the Republican who love to hate. It’s the hate we have seen over the last seven years. It is of the conservative brand. It the hate we need to leave behind. It is not of America it is of the Republicans.  The talking heads of Cable News are trying to make this election a no win for Hillary. What the fuck does she have to do?