Mike Huckabee. God’s answer to stupid.

April 29, 2015

Mike Huckabee, Gary BlackwellAll you would be killers. Don’t join the armed forces until the black President is out of office. All the Gods in the heavens couldn’t get Mike Huckabee elected President. Preachers have no problem making things up. That’s why he is so comfortable on Fox News. It’s the nature of the beast. Mike should have a talk with God. Maybe God could slap some sense into him. God could tell him how delusional he is.  He would have a problem getting elect girl scout leader. The President is anti-christian. The GOP is always telling us who people are. They love the word ” Nazi”cause they can relate to being one. The truth is, the GOP is anti-christian. They love sending boys and girl to die so the money changers can stay in power. I see he is  shooting a gun. Notice all the safety gear. An instructor, showing him which way to point his weapon.  I’m not surprised that he is not riding a horse. The Western thing. That’s sells. No respectable horse would let that “lard ass” get on him.  He is a Fox “Newsless” kind of guy. The problem is some people are so stupid, they don’t how stupid they really are. By the way I know how stupid I am.

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