Rick Santelli-Drama on Wall Street-The Musical

March 1, 2009

Listen to the sound from Music Man/look at Santelli

Staging a performance of a life time. Rick was right in the belly of beast as he began his drama. The place where billions of dollars of savings, retirement, and nest eggs disappeared like magic.  The Conservatives have nothing again but old fashioned drama.  It’s all about the drama. It’s about Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter. It’s about  Jindle and lying. It’s about the drama of things that never were. The Republicans have lost their way. If greed and averse are a way. I think that Rick Santelli should be fired not because of what he said but by misleading us all about his honesty and creditably.  The whole diatribereminded me of the Harold Hill in the “Music Man”. The guys setting about helping him out. It was magical, don’t you think.  Faux Pas, I think so.  Rick Santelli belongs on Fox News. That where all the losers go to lie. He’d be right at home with all the losers that grace the screen. What’s another Drama Queen


One Response to “Rick Santelli-Drama on Wall Street-The Musical”

  1. Is Santelli’s message about greed? Hardly. I am not overly thrilled about the administration’s mortgage bailout proposal either, and many Americans have about had it with stimuli, bailouts, etc.

    Members of the Obama administration have openly admitted that there would be speculators and credit abusers who would become eligible for taxpayer support under the mortgage bailout plan, that should resonate with anyone in this country who actually pays taxes (like me, for instance). After all we have already signed up for a trillion dollar stimulus package, which is immediately followed by a $410 billion earmark-laden spending bill, and now this what, I forget, is it 400 + billion dollar mortgage plan? And the year is still young!

    And a stock exchange is hardly the belly of the beast, View (except maybe in Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela, and other worker’s paradises); you have to travel here, to Washington D.C. to find the belly. Or the underbelly, maybe. . .

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