I haven’t written in a while because of stroke but am getting better, thank you very much. Too our government I can’t say the same.  The money hungry  RIGHT is relentless in destroying this country. They want to get Obama they well do anything to tear this country apart. They are like wild animals they have their prey in view. Not seeing anything but they want. Their racism and the racism of has griped tightly they see nothing but their goal. They are lead the road by the money men to the end of the road. “Tar Babys”  indeed is what the President is to them. They have become much worse. They are something evil. Their have men hellbent on destroying this country. All of you cheering them on, your rewards are quickly coming. Picking fruit out in fields will fun


It’s like a suicide march to hell being the words of God. Where ‘s there no waiting.  There is no sharing the have-nots will keep all they can.