What does good government have to do with all Johm Boehner’s bull shit.  He trying blame Obama for all the crap the Republicans have pulling for the last fifty years. I know Obama has been the super Hero of the Right ever since took office.  He was able to destroy the economy of the western world in less than three years.  Obama was able to do what it took Hitler almost two decades to do. Is he really the “Magic Negro” that Rush believe him to be. Its to bad that Boehner didn’t put is bottle down before he start talking. He’s from the rust belt where all the factories closed long ago. People moved away or live in shacks, of course not all of them. His party acts like it had nothing to do abortion that it was be Democrats that did it. Now again they are missing in action  as our government falls apart. Do they care how many black baby’s are aborted. The Republican have always been known for their hearts of “Gold”.  If they just act like they care maybe they can fool some of the people some of the time.  Johnny Boehner with crybaby tears should know that tears from the eyes and not the heart is “quatch”.  Bad government is a quick government.  The Repubicans know their time is running out to screw us all.    Too bad Americans don’t how great they are and how greater we can be. But not with a Congress and Senate who doesn’t know how to govern. Why do we accept their excuses. The drunk who is John Boehner is a joke. His ass is kissed by Fox crap News.  Ohio keep electing him until he closes down the state like parts of Michigan.