the_pack.jpg‘Well, well, well, there they go again’ as the great Ronald Reagan used to say about the Democrats. Now we can say that about the Republicans.  The conservatives have decided to give up that ole time religion for something that makes better fiscal sense, Darwin’s  survival of the fittest.  Screw a bunch of double talking Jesus freaks. Those bleeding heart religious creeps who see Jesus or Mary or Pope John in every smoke house in South Carolina. They are not saying that Pope John was a flamer.  The Republicans have settled for something more to their liking. Darwin, don’t you just love his theories on letting the strong survive and the hell with everyone else. I mean If you can’t take care of a child with milti-birth defects let the little bugger die.  Don’t spend money on a weak and helpless child.  When there is a auto crash, move the wreck to he side of the road, let the victims just die, they should of had more sense than to get into an automobile accident.  The old who are sick just let them die, no problem.  If you have someone who can’t pay the hospital bill dump on the side of the road and let them die. Who the hell do these people think we are. Do they think that we are made of money.  Wounded soldiers screw ’em they joined why should we be responsible for them. Let them lay there all broken and wounded. Who in the hell do they think we are someone who gives a damn.  We no longer have to fake it. You know, fake caring for someone and acting like we are concerned about them. What a f**king burden lifted off all our shoulders, huh.  A new carefree America. Let the strong live the life fantastic and the rest can go to where all the Christians think we are all going, to hell.  Pretty soon we will be an America we have always wanted. A strong and exciting society. No weak and sick to burden the rest of us. I think the Republicans have finally hit on something that we can really embrace.  Now the rich can become richer and all those big foreign countries can make a killing over here. They don’t have to worry about safety and health concerns. Darwin really had a great idea. I guess the only problem with the their plans is would life be worth living.  Would we be a happy bunch of selfish jerks of the mememe generation. What happens when we become the weak and the sick.  Would we be worrying every minute that we might fall and be kick to the side of the road like human garbage. I not so sure this a really good idea.  It might be ideal for some.  Apple a day, you know.  Yes, there they go again.