ex gay preacher and now straight macho guyLiberace passing as straightStraight acting Stephen BennettOnce upon a time, there a kid named Stephen Bennett who was gay.  A boy who liked other boys. A boy who kissed other boys. A young man who did what other gay men do and if you are not sure what gay men do. There are web sites that will inform you very quickly what gays or straights do on the privacy of the internet. If you are a straight religious person I suggest you go very slowly, because you might be a little surprised.  Now your wondering why I’m even discussing this at all.  Well, Mr. Bennett has “straighten out is life” and now he is married and has a lovely family.  He is now an authority on “straighten up gay man”.  He made a comment on Vice President and Ms Cheney picture of them with their grandchild. How the VP is promoting gay life style. I don’t think it’s so bad for Mr. Cheney. It’s the first time he as shown his human side.

SBM’s Firm Unwavering Stand:  No One is Born “Gay” and Complete Change is Completely PossibleThere is Real Hope – Don’t Settle for or Believe Anything Less 

Above is one of those wonderful claims that his ministry. It’s the woulda, coulda, shoulda clause that all snake oil doctors use. He underlined Completely and Real but he should have underlined Possible and Hope. I understand that I’m getting into Stephen pocketbook but hey. That’s what life is all about. Now you say. That’s a good thing, right.  Well, yes I think if you are gay and you have seen the light and you no longer crave that “life style” then I think you should go for it. No one is born gay.  When we are born we are not anything except this little bundle of possiblities. I think anyone that is really straight is not going to stay in that “lifestyle” for long.  One can usually solve these problems very easily and that is by taking a picture.  You said, what the heck are you talking about.  Have you every had the illision that you still like young and pretty. Then someone takes a picture of you. You see the picture of yourself. You go, “Who the hell is that old fart?” You see most photos have their own gaydar included with not extra cost. Pictures don’t lie. Now you dress Liberace in a big macho uniform and in real life he would look like a real man’s man, so to speak. Take a picture. What comes through, gay.  There is picture of Stephen on his websitehttp: www.sbministries.org.  He might think is straight but I think he is just passing. You know acting macho, keeping the pinky down when drinking from a cup, yeah all those tiring little things that gay men learn to cover up over the years.  He says straight but his pictures says gay. You don’t see that loving straight thingy in the pictures. It’s like he is separate for the his family even when they are together.  I wish him lots of luck with the straight thing.  Not to worry we will all be around when he decides that living a lie is just not worth it anymore. When he tells us it was just one big lie.  Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand lies.  Sometimes having family values is be honest to your family.


When will the war endI thought George Bush has brought us to the end of our rope.  No I was wrong. Damn I was wrong.  Bully boy is here to rub it in our face one more time. I guess he wants to know if he can pimp out our souls completely. Apparently he can.  When they send amputees and wound soldiers back to fight. I thought it was just the Republican Party but it’s not. We all been whored out to the king of deviance. You see what he’s doing.  He wants us to know that there ain’t  a damn thing we can do about it.  How pathetic we are. Really.  I want to know how much more will he throw in our face.  The men of God won’t stand up to him. The Pope want stand up to this man.  Maybe God is testing his people. Maybe he wants to know how evil they can be. I think we all have failed. How sad. I think George wants us all go give up like Cindy Sheehan did. Like Rosie did. Like all the ones who can’t no longer stand to write or talk about it anymore. Tomorrow is another day. The same old crap.  What will he do tomorrow.  Will invade Iran. Hey, boy and girls. I wonder who the bad guys are. I have said all I can. I will not repeat  what I said already several times. I feel like Cindy. I know our lack of decency is a mark of what is to come.  We just need a few good men and women.  I think George is right we are so irrelevant.  Wal-mart needs to start selling white flags.  Our humanity is on the line. I hope we can stand up against what is to come.

I love Rush Limbaugh. I mean, he is a classic. Like Classic Coke. Kleenex is Classic.  Dr. Pepper is Classic.  Rush was the first Right wing talk show to succeed.  We really don’t know how successful he really is because he has never had to sink or swim.  I mean being backed by corporate America. People like Home Depot, Wal-mart, the Mormon Church and federal government though advertising.  We know that he crashed and burned on TV. What I love about Rush is he is all talk.  No discussion just what we usually call bullshit.  The problem is you can bullshit a bullshitter.  Im listening to Air America http://www.airamerica.com/listen/  to get some sense of what they are putting out. I’m thinking those people are too civilized no ranting and raving.  What’s is going on.  I realized Rush is our ‘General Hospital’ or ‘Days of our Lives’ for men.  He is drama. He is comradely. He is all things that are Right with this country. If I was an invalid and was stuck in the house I would be there everyday for my little bit of drama.  I notice that his explainations of issues are usually only three or maybe four sentences. Like I have a fifth grader’s grasp of things.  He does love to call people names. However he has a short list of who to and who not to call a name.  Like George Bush or Dick Cheney are on the top of the list. Over the years, I tried to figure out what attracts men to him. I wonder why he has such a loyal following.  I realized that Rush is like a preacher. He loves preaching to the choir. If you are not a fan of Rush you won’t be listening to him, believe me. I think my Postman is a virtual Rush Limbaugh listener.  He is middle aged. Probably is as high as he is going. Probably hanging on for retirement.  Rush understands him. Rush understands how he was screwed by the system. They are like old friends. His postal truck comes up the mountain with radio blaring. It’s like a ice cream truck for Right Wingers. The sound of Rush Limbaugh’s deep voice filling the valley below. It’s like there is a secret handshake or a codeword that they have between them.  I think they  have decoder rings or something. It’s an understanding that they know what we do not know. They know the answers to what is wrong with us all.  They have a sixth sense of what life is all about.  It’s like the white man’s club of some kind.  You never see any black men listening to him.   Wonder why, maybe they don’t know the codeword or the handshake, huh? I am amazed that someone can hold something together with just a cigar and a little ‘bumper sticker’ wisdom.  I think that Rush Limbaugh will be around for a long time.  There are those of us who need someone like him who understand how we were screwed by the system.  He understands our needs.  How all those liberals done done us wrong.  You see we know why the system isnt working.  We know something you don’t. Even though we some times act like fifth graders.  I used to call Right Wing radio-talk hosts maggot heads. I got that from one of the CSI episodes. One of the guys opened the mouth of a corpse and out comes some flies.  He said something like “Yeah just like politicans they open their mouth and the maggots have turned to flies.  They open their mouth and out flies the lies.”

Joe Lieberman, is making his way through Iraq to tell us that all is well. That the war will soon will be over.  Joe (Judas) Lieberman is there to do what Barbara’s idiot son can’t. Tell some more lies about Iraq.  The American people don’t believe a word that Georgie has to say.  The Lie Master has run out of believable lies so Judas was sent over to Iraq to deliver us a new batch.  While our troops are dying Newt Gingrich and Tom Delay are arguing which ones adulterous behavior was worse. Yes, sir re, its all about Newt and Tom.  They are the most important issue in America today.  Their little sideshow is just another example of how Bankrupt the Republican Party really is. From Foley, the young boy molester, to the Attorney General, America’s number one law breaker. A party of so much self indulgence that it can’t even lead.  Mr. Cheney, vice Liar in Chief, the vice Commander guy, the vice Decider, or is it just the man of vice. We really don’t deserve any better.  We deserve Mr Cheney.  He is here to rub our face in his corruption.  Let us know that we are such fools. I want him there everyday to remind us how low we have all stooped as in cowered.  Everyday he laughs at us for being such sheep. What does it matter what we think. We are irrelevant as hell.  Just like the soldiers dying in Iraq.  Georgie and Cheney are ours forever. History books will show how stupid a people we have become. How the home of the brave became George Bush’s private little joke.  How we let people like Bush, Cheney, Rove, Gonzales, Libby, Ashcroft, this could go on forever, take over our government and take our freedoms. So as Mr Judas walks around Iraq, George probably already has a press release ready for all us suckers.  “All is doing well in Iraq” headlines into tomorrows newspapers.  Just another pathetic day in the life of George Bush and the American people

patrick_henry1.jpg Treason: The crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill or overthrow the sovereign or government.

Sounds like a done deal to me. The first part is like a knife in the heart, isnt it. Jesus, betraying one’s country.  The Republican Party betrayed us. They lied and misinformed us. They played us for suckers. They started a war with lies. Do you think that George Bush was the only Republican that knew that it was all a big lie.  How many knew. My guess is alot. Your elected officials lied to you. They had so much comtempt that they lied to you. All the boys like Mr.Brownback, Mr. Huckelbee, Mr.Hagel and Mr. McCain. They all had to know and they lied.  The Bible Thumber and all the ‘holier than thou’ guys lied to you and to me. They conspired to commit Treason on this country. To take the will of the people and ignore it. To misinform so they would get the right response, Treason.  Today, because of the Republican Party a large amount of people still believe that Iraq had something to do with 9/11. That’s some powerful lying, folks.  The Treason Party has ignore the laws of the land and have looted your War chest and used the War to make money fraudgently off the deaths of our soldiers. That’s Treason’s white boy.  Remember the words of past Americans “Give liberty or give death!” “America the brave!” Now it’s how can we screw the American people out of something.  How about America the home of  Repbulican Party, the party that has tried to destroy this country and steal from it, all that we have worked for 200 plus years.  Yes, Hilary was right about the great Right Wing conspiracy. Laugh your brains out, who cares. Your country is truly going to the tubes and all you can think about is how to dis Hilary. Great.  All the guys like Rush Limbaugh, Mike Savage, Laura Ingram, Glen Beck, the boys from the Fox, the slime boys like O’reilly, Hannity and all those lying creepy jerks that have sold out their country for a few bucks. That’s treason where I come from.  The sad thing about it is people don’t seem to care.  America is truly dying and we don’t care. Some even welcome it. When the tears come they will not be of the crocodile type. George Bush got another victory, white flag today from Cindy Sheehan. I bet his heart swells knowing he defeated another one of his enemies.  We are all slowly throwing in the white flag.  The Party of Treason just might win out. When no one listens, then everyone is lost. How did this country come from such greatness to this.  Sorry got to go, American Idol is on.

America’s worst enemy–Those evil TeletubbiesHello, before there were blond jokes there was Polish jokes. Like jokes about people from Alabama. Seems like both top the charts this weekend.  Seems like the Poles are somewhat sexually insecure and they think that the Teletubbies will steal away their masculinity. It’s that gay teletubby thing again except in Poland. Sounds like America’s Christian Right is working overtime. I have one that I found in a Wal-Mart parking lot. My dog loves to chew on it. You know this kind of insanity only works if you have lost all sense of reality. If you believe anything that comes down the holy pike. It’s the essence of a good Polish joke. I guess there is a little Polish in all of us. There appears to be a sighting of all kinds of Teletubbies over the weekend in Alabama. The Alabama Homeland Security which is the Alabama own version of the American Homeland Security. You can take courses online to learn how to be a real live on-line militia Homeland Security guy. http://www.homelandsecurity.alabama.gov/  This weekend the Alabama boys and girls from the right have closed it’s website that was the Mother of all websites.  The Joe Friday of all website to flush out all us bad guys. Enemies of the state.  I guess any militia can do what they want. Isn’t George Bush’s America wonderful. It has all the usual suspects. A list of people who the religious right would love to do in.  Let see, I can’t find the News article so I’ll have to do this by memory.  All the conceived enemies of the right wing Republican Party.  Here we go: Gay Rights groups, Animal Rights groups, All terrorist groups, Women Rights groups, Abortion Right Groups, Environmentalist Groups and all those guys who are all part of that Left Wing conspiracy. I guess all that money that the state got from Homeland Security had some strings attached. I am surprised that more groups weren’t on that list like: Global Warming Groups, AARP(full of gays), Mormons, any real Science Groups and yes teletubbies. The good ole boys of Alabama are doing George Bush’s bidding.  Anyone with any sense can see through this kind of bullshit. It’s like the alien invaders of the 1950’s. You see a UFO everywhere you look.  Did you hear the one about a blond polish dude from Alabama with a computer and some teletubbies.  How much money have we wasted on this kind of crap. Save some for the elections boys your going to need it.

During WWII the Jews that were crammed into cattle car on their journey to the gas chambers. They could feel the movement of the rail cars as the train moved along the tracks.  The smell of unwashed bodies pressed up against each other.  They had the luxury of not knowing what was going to happen to them as they got to the end of the trip. They didn’t know what horrible fate was in store for them. They did not know that the whole world had abandon them and there would be no one to save from their horrible fate. I wonder if our American soldiers filing onto a plane to their journey into hell,  have the feeling of being abandon by their people.  As they are packed in the planes like sardines,  do they have a feeling in the pit of their stomach, knowing that they are on a trip into hell that they might not survive. Family and friends come and see them off.  With tears and sadness they wave to their warrior loved ones as they board the plane. A surreal moment, as the brave men and women go to fight George Bush’s war.  I wonder if they feel like the Christians might have felt as they were lead into the lion’s den by the Romans.  No one caring enough to stop the madness.  As the their bodies are torn apart, did the Christians feel the betrayal by their family and friends.  Our soldiers sent into battle with inadequate body armour, machinery, and equipment.  Sent in to be blow apart by people who look like the people we were sent to protect.  Men and women who are sent back while still recovering from wounds they received earlier.  Tour after tour in Iraq. Some as many as four tours. Their tour in hell extended for four or five months.  I don’t think the American troops can afford our support. We have supported 1000 into their graves since last year.  The ruined lives and broken marriage await them if they are lucky enough to return home.  Thouands have lost legs and arms.  Hey, we know all this but still we support the Bush War.  How do you think they feel knowing we really don’t care.  Maybe like Jews in cattle cars. I hope to hell not. If we all didn’t know how this is going to end, it wouldn’t be so bad.  Everything George touches ends badly.