John McCain the man who hasn’t seen the sun since 1984 is lying again. ‘Victory in Iraq’ what the hell does that mean. Can anyone tell me. Does it mean that we get all the oil we want? Do it mean we have killed all of the Iraqi people so Iraq is ours. Does it mean that all of the Middle East has become Democratic. The truth is you can’t trust a Republican as far as you can throw him. I think that lard ass will drop like a rock.  Maybe we will someday have enough of all the rhetoric that John Cain ( the last reminiscence of the Bush legacy)  and all those losers on the right keep putting out.  In eight long years they made the word ‘liberal’ a label ‘soft and cuddly’ and also a label to be sought after and word ‘Republican’ a word that is so repugnant and evil that no one wants to be called one. The family value Party has turned out to be a Party of sex addicts and perverts in a religious sort of way, by you unterstand. It’s like that movie ‘The Sixth Sense’ when I see John McCain. I see dead people, politically dead people. I see John McCain and George Bush and what’s that VP’s guy’s name,oh yeah, Dick Cheney. The one I would most like to see as a politcially dead guy is Joe ‘Judas’ Liebermann. Of course, he will have to have his nose surgically removed from John McCains ass.  Talking about baggage. It’s that 6 degree of separation thingy. John McCain who hearts Toxic George and Toxic George hearts Joe Liebermann and Leibermann hearts John McCain I guess that makes them the ‘Three Stoogies’  and there we are. We all heart ‘The Three Stoogies’. Fuzzy (Toxic George’s) logic or something like that. Cindy out dumping all her oil and her international stocks so when she finally does give us her income tax return it will be all clean and purdy. Wonder how much Haliburton she owns??  I guess it is going to be Curious George and the Philsbury dough boy.  Let’s get this party going! By the way get some sun will you whity.


The Republican Party in it’s quest for the White House is doing some extraordinary stuff. All of these folks who registered as democrats are now making sure that Barack Obama is the nominee. Their very political life depends on it.  At least, for the next four to eight years.  Again all the hate we have been seeing towards Hillary is being spewed by the fake Democrats or what we call Republicans. You don’t see that kind of hate from the Democrats. It is 100% Republican in nature. It’s the ole Bait and Switch that the Republicans do so well. I don’t understand why the Press doesn’t alert us to this fact. Maybe they are apart of it too. Everyday you hear of someone leaving Hillary and yet she seems to be winning O.K. without the turncoats. You can’t work for Hillary and not know where she is coming from. So all these liars who leave Hillary and make a big deal out of it. Were never there for her away.  Everyday someone makes a big deal out of not knowing that Hillary was this or that. Bullshit, Hillary has been around for a long time. So all those bullshitters need to zip it up. Barack Obama is the only hope the Republicans have of saving their Party from ruin. They ain’t going easily, white man.  The Republicans are going to use the Race Card, big time. They have help from Rev. Wright. The Party of hate and fear will be spreading on thick and heavy. We are about to get ‘Baracked’.  It’s the same as ‘Swift Boated’.  He is kind of a Judas goat, who leads all the goats to slaughter and he walks of free.  We dump Hillary. The Republicans know they can ‘get Barack’ unlike Hillary with all the bad press and all the hate the Republicans have generated she is still holding her on. They want her to quit, but she is still hanging on and pretty well, I might add.  Just think how well she would do if she got a break from the Press. The conservative Press ain’t giving it up for Hillary. What the hell, they are dying on vine anyway.  I Blogger, has more credibility than they do. As for as the Republicans they are the Party of deceit. So what’s new.

Looks like a bunch of guys who ain’t getting any. They look like nerds. The Republican Party the home of the new extremist. Be afraid be very afraid. What the hell do you think Rush Limbaugh has been double speaking about all this time.  A frigging tea party.