The sound of old school Bible thumbing black preaching is so old school. It no longer interested blacks that have moved on and moved on up. The sound of oppression in his voice.  It’s the ole black politicans trying to hold on to the past. Not going to happen. That’s why they left Hillary and that’s why they will leave all of those who want blacks to feel oppressed.  A new generation of blacks who are looking forward while their candidate are looking  backwards.  Black politicans still preaching to those who want to stay where they are. Jesse Jackson was and is the poster boy to speaking down to blacks. If Jesse Jackson is against Barack that is a good sign, a real good sign

It’s now time for Hillary to back away from Barack Obama and let him be a ‘Raisin in the Sun’ all by his lonesome. It’s time for the man who would become President to stand tall. Hillary really needs to take Billy boy and go off on a vacation. Have some fun. If she decides to run again it should be after her divorce from her passive-aggressive sexually out of control studly husband. Those blow jobs are still costing Hillary plenty.  Barack Obama needs to have free reign over his run for the Presidency. It’s apparent that the Paper Press or Entertainment News are unable to treat Hillary with any respect or honesty. Barack Obama will be getting plenty from the conservative ‘liberal’ Press.  I hear that Bush has set aside about $100 million dollars of blood money from the Iraqi war fund to try to keep his blood brothers in power. Maybe his buddy’s the Saudis can spare a dime. I sure they can with the price of oil. Barack will need of the help he can get from all of us sinners. If Hillary became VP candidate it would all be about her and Billy and all the sins of their past. The full light has not been shining on Barack all that much. Hillary has been taking most of the hits. So now she is not there to shield him he will be on his own. It time to walk on his own. Hillary is to Barack what Bill is to Hillary. She will be unable to add anything to the new kid of the block. Suddenly she is old school with old school ways. Kind of out of date in a new cyberworld of politics.  Hillary is part of the old school politics of race as is Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Dr. Wright and all the holy rollers of religious blowhards who sole job was to make blacks feel cheated and mistreated. Building their base on discontentment and not uplifting.  If anything magical has happened it is the black middle class coming of age. It is leaving that old school mentality behind. Hopefully even the Black drug culture that Hollywood loves to push. Is almost as bad as the way Hollywood treated the American Indians in the first part of the last century. Obama maybe magical in the sense he is not carrying the baggage of a miserable past where black was not beautiful or not ugly just was. The name of the game has changed. Talking the same ole crap just won’t cut it. I think Hillary needs to go home watch, listen and learn. There really is a new world of politics a coming. The politics that got George Bush into office is hopefully gone forever and maybe that old school of misery that it brought is gone also.