Dallas and Southern Methodist University–Toxic George at 23%

June 27, 2008

My goodness Toxic George has hit 23% and as the stockmarket starts it’s death spiral into nothingness, I’m wondering if SMU is still going through with their George Bush Presidental Library? Maybe a George Bush Amusement Park might be a little better. A ride like the ‘Turdblossom Special’. Maybe the ‘KR Brain Slide’. I think the ‘Swift Boater’ would be really kewl too. Maybe a ‘Rush Limbaugh tilt and twist the truth til you hurt ride’.  I know the ‘Dick Cheney’s Halibruton ride’, it really expensive but you don’t get anything for your money. Maybe something where they have you suspended over Central Express by your toes. A nice torture ride all the Right winger will just love. I really think Texas would love the some scary rides.  The feel of hot metal against their hands, like Texas in August.  Maybe they could have big sign like at the Cotton Bowl. You know that big cowboy about a hundred feet tall telling everyone welcome to the fair(sounds like Santa Claus).  They could do that but have Toxic George likeness welcoming everyone to the ride of your life courtesy of George Bush and family. The only problem I see, it’s a little too ‘white trash’ for the upper crust  of Dallas Society. I don’t know why they didn’t know this going in. Maybe them educated folks aren’t as smart as they look. Maybe they really do need a library set right dab to middle of Central Express. Couldn’t hurt traffic none.


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