Mr. Boehner is such a faggot!

November 22, 2010

Our brave congressman from Ohio is such a faggot.  I mean that in the highschool way not the he’s down on his knees doing the big blow.  I’ve never seen a “straight” man cry so much.  Like, man up you frigging cry baby.  I know the people from Ohio should be the ones crying because year after year they have been losing jobs to China and the whole world.  I think maybe Mr. Boehner might outsource his crying to someone who really knows how to do it.  I don’t know who it would be even all the gay icons don’t cry as much as “the boner”.   I think it might the Republicans attempt at showing some humanity but again they get it wrong.  I was always struck at when Mr. Boehner cries.  We can kill hundreds of thousand in Iraq, not tears.   A big fat pork bill passes and Mr. Crybaby opens the flood gates.  The truth he is probably an alcoholic and when he is drunk he cries.  There goes another rubber tree plant.   Crying I don’t mind.  Mr. Boehner needs to take Crying 101 at some junior college.  It’s knowing he is drunk as a sailor when he supposed to be working for the people of America. What do you do with a drunken sailor.

Here are some real men singing.  Pay attention Mr. Boehner

Roger Ailes, the rotting fish head of Fox News, is using the “N’ world again.  Not that “N” word but the other one “Nazi”.  I know that Mr. Ailes is really smart cause why else would he be part of such a fine News organization.  But sometimes he is not smarter than a 5th grader.  When he calls someone or something a “Nazi” he is having a brain fart.  Now that he can’t use the word Muslim because he is being paid by one.   Lets take NPR and that whole empire of PBS. You see PBS has a responsiblity for the truth.  Fox News has a responsiblity to make Mr. Murdoch some dough.  Now when Mr. Ailes calls NPR  Nazis does that mean they advocate good highways (Autobahn).  Does it mean NPR advocates the killing of Jews, homo, gypsies or any human being  (lets add Mexicans and blacks} they don’t care for? (How absurd!) Does it mean NPR advocates the invasion of Poland? Hell let’s get this straight.  Does Mr. Ailes imply that PBS wants us all to wear lederhosen or dirndls.   In a world where chaos is the rule of the day is Mr. Ailes calling any organization or anyone who adheres to the rules is somehow a Nazi. Chaos is not another word for freedom.  Is PBS  really something for Mr. Ailes to have angst (Fear).  Maybe just a little Schadenfreude in his little pea brain.  In a world of Fox News where it’s a free for all ( kinderspiel if you will).  Where truth and facts have no place for the glass slipper princesses who read the News like the showgirls they are.  In a world of darkness, PBS is a light where pathetic Fox News can’t even hold a candle.  Fox News owned by  foreigner.  Just like the rest of this country.  The American people own PBS.  I think maybe the problem with Mr. Ailes is he has dreams.  Dreams about all those PBS stations and what he could do with that whole empire by turning it into Super Fox News.  Thousands of stations Mr. Murdoch could take control of  and make his fascist Empire a wonder for the world to see.   A super empire that would make Hitler proud.  I mean, Stand away from the fat Man yeah make Hilter proud.  It would be possible with the Republicans and President who is just trying to get along .  All you people who believe that Mr. Ailes gives a crap about Juan Williams.  Think again, he wouldn’t  know the difference in Juan and one of the ‘boys’ at his country club.

P.S.  Mr. Ailes might realize that we Americans live in the now.  What happened in the 1930’s and 1940’s might as well happened on the Moon.  Unless he puts it to music and puts in on Youtube!

I have a way of staying away from Glenn Beck.  I know where he is.  On radio I don’t put my auto tune on his radio station.  On satellite dish I’m smart enough to have Fox News disappear off my playlist.  The problem I have is the Left and their preoccupation with a nobody. In ten years he will be like one of those high school big shots that you can’t seem to remember his name.  I guess the Left needs Glenn Beck because they have no one who will stand up of the “progressives” or whatever the hell that is.  Everytime Glenn Beck farts we are all given a blow-by-blow analysis from decibel to velocity to aroma intensity.  I don’t care about Glenn Beck.  I don’t care what he thinks. I don’t care to hear his little man voice.  The Left needs to get a life or maybe a political party or something.    Why does Glenn Beck get more coverage than the President of the United States.  The President is on a world tour and there isn’t any coverage but there is Glenn Beck.  “Glenn Beck said this and he said that.”  So what, who gives a damn besides the Left.  His isn’t an elected official.  It must be easier to talk about Glenn Beck than it is to get real News.  I know that all the cyber News folks love to spread Glenn Beck doctrine of stupidity around.  The Right doesn’t care what the Left has to say so why are the cyber News folks spreading the gospel according the Glenn Beck.  The Right thanks them all for spreading the word.  The Right will praise him regardless.  The Left wants what from Mr. Beck, an enemy, the Left already has plenty of them?  Even in the world of cyber News there are pages to fill and lies to spread and people to mislead.  If you ignore him he will go away, I promise.  The only things holding him up is hot air and the Left.   The Left supplying most of the hot air.

   George Bush go away!

Some like um big!

In a world where all things are big I’m confused.  We love big business and big oil that’s two.  But we love big Pharma and big Insurance Companies too. We love big medicine and we love really big Banks. My God we love big frigging Wall Street. Oh yes, how about that big tax cut for the rich.  Congress loves all things big and strong and controlling.  So the next question is if all the enterprises are so wonderful because they are big why not big government.  It seems to work fine for all those ‘men in black’ so why not big government.  I mean big healthcare, my God,  it would be wonderful.  All that big money moving from big medicine and big Pharma to the big pockets of Wall Street and big banks.  I really don’t see a problem it is a perfect fit.  All that bigness is something that Congress loves.  It brings big money  to all those wise guys who are mostly millionaires now.  Maybe not the one just elected.  My God (again). Don’t those morons knew the money they could make.  It’s not the future of America or the world they are thinking about in their big brains because these people are against even discussing global warming.   Congress is for big lies. What the hell is the problem.  It must be the disdain our elected officials have for all working people.  Why would they send all our jobs over to big China or big India.  Why would they believe that healthcare is so bad for the living Americans.  If all the good paying jobs hadn’t been moved off shore with the help of  our own big boys in Washington we  could afford the big premiums for insurance.   If their big plans to destroy Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security happens you will see the biggest collapse of the American economy ever and  will make the Russian’s collapse look like a walk in the park.  It will the big bang theory all over except bigger.  I’m saying guys let’s go out big.  Just do it!

Our Ex beloved President is telling us things we already know.  Except he has filter them a little for us.   He said “he had a love affair with alcohol”.  When you’re rich” it’s a love affair” and you have all the people around you enabling you ” it’s a love affair”.  When you disappear from military service and you have family and friends lying for you it something else.  I can see that look on Laura Bush’s  face.  A look of someone who has carried the baggage all the years.  She always looks  tired.  The one who stood by her man.  All the others who had their “affairs” have not fared so well.  I think it’s part of his denial that he can’t say that he was a down in the gutter drunk.  Of course, Georgie was born with a silver spoon in his mouth so I would imagine his gutter was lined with silver or gold.  To make it sound like it was a little fairytale about a prince that fell in love with that wicked damsel booze is part of  his constant play on words that makes his sins less than they really were.   President George Bush was a wino, he was a booze head, a drunk, etc.  The “love affair” was all-consuming.  There was no one else in the world except Georgie and his bottle. His family wasn’t important.  His military service wasn’t important. Just that bottle of booze.  It was George Bush’s “Days of Wine and Roses”.

George Bush said that he was deeply hurt when Kenin West called him a racist.  Pllleeeaaassseee.  He couldn’t even say Negro with a silver spoon in his mouth.  He started a war that killed hundreds of thousands and he is hurt when a black man calls him a racist.  A man who used the word ‘ nigger’ for the first 30 years of his life.   Don’t believe you, batman.  These new fake feelings that George Bush is feeling is bullshit, cowpaddies or whatever Roy Rogers word you want to use.  His true feelings were drowned in his love affair year ago. 

Yes, he used torture, you’re damn right. Brave now he knows nothing is going to happen to him.  He was thinking about dropping Mr. Cheney after the first term.  You mean Cheney was thinking about dropping him.  Cheney wasn’t going anywhere.  You couldn’t have pried him away from that office with all the pry bars in the world.

Saint George looking through the looking glass

The purification of George Bush is on track.  He will become St. George.   The saint of men who fall from heaven into vat of gin.  He will become something that he never was, a good President.  The only way that will happen is in a fairytale where the prince has a love affair with Wild Turkey. Or where St George looks down from heaven through the looking-glass at people dying because he would not be President. The purification of George has just begun.  What the hell, we will believe anything.  Good Luck  Saint George.  Real men never show they have feelings. Isn’t that a quote from the great writer of them all Zang Grey.

George Bush hasn’t got a clue about feelings.  He focuses on things that don’t mean anything.  He thinks thats what we want to hear.  He doesn’t know what is important becuae everything has equal importance. That’s what booze does for you. It levels everything so you can’t tell what is important and what is not.  After eight years we all understand.