Three times and all losers

May 19, 2015

Holy Shit!

The Hero that wasn't

The Hero that wasn’t

Jeb Bush would do just what is idiot brother did. Knowing what he does today. He would do what his brother from Texas would do. All the people that have died. All the people wounded. All the scattered lives. And now the other Cuban guy Rubio say that boy Bush did the right thing. Governor of Louisiana Bobby Jindel is kissing a dead horse’s ass. He believes he can be as stupid as the white guys. I guess they think George Bush still has some magical power. Don’t they know how stupid the whole thing was. It was suppose to make George Bush look brave like Granada for President Regan and Panama for Papa Bush. That’s all it was supposed to be, fools. Then a fire started there was no putting it out.

So don’t think that George Boy had any idea what hell he was letting loose. He was in a forest of dry pines with a match in his hand. Its not that he had planned it all out. You see he believed his on shit. He was a star. A performer. A movie with him in it. He was ready for his close up. So all those who believe that he did the right thing. He did, but the outcome that followed was his alone. So hanging on to the war spirit of George Bush is like hanging on to a hand full of air. Someone hanging on to someone’s mistake and to be proud of it. Shouldn’t be allow to govern.

Misery and pain will be soon to follow.

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