Imus, Imus, Imus–shut the hell up!

June 25, 2008

Imus, in the springtime of this life.

Poor old tired Imus. Looks like a  wild and wooly cowboy. That George Bush persona is starting to grate on every body’s nerves.  First of all, Imus has been around long enough to know how to up his ratings. “Talking colored” is a good way to do that. I believe Imus is from the old school days of yore when blacks were called colored. Imus, Rush, Silly Savage from SF, and all the other talking heads of maggot radio know what they are doing. If they didn’t they wouldn’t be around for long. Imus, we hardly know you, is a bottom feeder botton pusher as are all the rest. They know they won’t last long talking like a nun or some sedated school teacher. They have to be out there banging on the trash cans of our life or maybe dipping into the cesspool of slime and dirt. Imus knew exactly what he was saying. He wants to the think all the Press that reacted properly. Ah, the smell of victory. Do I think he is a racist, don’t care. I refuse to get excited about the talking heads anymore.  I have’nt listened to Rush in over two months. Don’t miss him. I’m kind of like Barbara Bush. I have a beautiful mind why waste it on the scum of the earth.  Turning off the radio is such sweet silence. I guess silence is sometimes truly golden. I tell you how detemined not to listen to all that tomfoolery, I been listening to Coolio, Kristine W. Estelle, and Ultra Nate. Now that some real noise. As far as Imus, screw him, who gives a flying f… . This kind of old school bullshit has us where we are today and it ain’t prudy.


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