Have you being wondering about Rush Limbaugh’s sudden change from the carrier of truth and justice to a comedian and entertainer. It’s called fear. You see if the Fairness Doctrine is somehow reinstated he will be in deep doodoo. The Fairness Doctrine is a law or rule that Ronald Reagan got rid of in 1987. So the plan to take over the air wave could start in earnest. No pesky laws or rules to get in the way of the propaganda machine as it started in its infancy. He law would require equal time to all news and news type programing.  Abracadabra The Head Rush  has changed from a news gather and explaining guy to a jokester royale. If you listen he is always remarking that he is just there to entertain.  Making little jokes now and again. Laura Ingram is doing the same, not that it matters all that much with her.  She is not a heavy weight at all. There is nothing worse than a gurl comedian unless they are Joan Rivers or Kathy Griffin. I guess they are changing their hats temporarily. You see now they have the hat of a comedian not a political freak show.  In America, nothing is as it seems. Disception is truly the rule of the day. I’m going to give you a web site of a guy name Jon Christian Ryter http://www.newswithviews.com/Ryter/jon177.htm  I thought he was a conservative but I have read several articles so I’m not sure. He goes through the Doctrine from the 1920’s to present day. That’s if you interested. You really don’t I make this stuff up. If you were wondering why The Head Rush is changing his magical self into the prince of comedy.

I guess that George has threatened the Press and the Electronic Media to shut their pie holes. If they didn’t, they might just lose some assets and properties to the Federal Government.  The TV screens were void of any news from Iraq this week. The creepy crawlers of the Bush Administration must have put the fear of God into those nay sayers.  Lindsay Lohan has got more Press than the war. Is that f…. ing sick or what?  Put the damn drunk druggy bitch in jail where she belongs. Enough is enough. If she were some black women she would never see the light of day. All the white rich ex-virgin gurls are CNN saviors. They are CNN meat and potatoes next to dog fighting clips.   Now that is some real news. I would like to know why there is no news out of Iraq.  Have the Republicans finally taken over the media in American. Part of their plan to make America the home of free by taking away freedoms. Sounds about right. I guess we don’t need any stinking freedoms. The Dictator in Chief needs to be deposed. The problem is the Republican Party doesn’t seem to fear a Dictator. He can help them get elected again. Nothing wrong with a little election fraud in the land of $300 a night whores and Jesus freaks.  Are our soldiers fighting for freedom or for a dictatorship. Dying for a psycho guy. Don’t worry no one will know causes the War is off limits to the press now. Maybe just a little news blackout. George is just practicing taking over a small country before he start on us.

Barack Obama is so white that he can’t get a cab in New York like everyone else.  He is so white that he doesn’t frighten little ole ladies when they pass on the street.  He is so white that a congressman buying drugs would know that he wasn’t a drug dealer.  He so white that he could never get a part in “Porgy and Bess” or  “Stormy Weather”.  He is so white that all the “Swifter Boaters” are really confused.  He doesn’t intimidate white men like Bill O’reilly or does he.  You do remember Harold Ford Jr. from Tennessee was “Swift Boated” by a white guy with a little Oscar Meyer. You know these white guys with their inferior complex about black men.  You know that southern black man’s sexual prowess. In the Republican Party I guess size does matter.  All of David Vitter’s $300 a night women hanging on a big black dude and doing it for free.  These southern boys really have a good imagination, don’t you think.  The problem is that Barrack Obama would not be easily “Swift Boated” by the Republican slime machine because he doesn’t fit the image. I have fears about the Republican Party they will do anything to get a Republican elected. They have no moral compass or not moral gravity that keeps them grounded in truth and fairness. George Bush is truly the icon of the Republican Party. The Poster Boy for every thing that is wrong with the Republican Party. George Bush didn’t corrupt the Republican they were already corrupted. They know they can’t get elected unless that cheat and lie. Nothing too big noting too small. They are specialist in what they do. I can’t wait for them to start their slimefest. They are true artist.  True idiot savants.  I can just see those rosy cheeks and those fake cheesy smiles. It makes me proud to be a liberal. Thank you, Jesus. I really can’t wait until we elect Barrack Obama our first Afrocaucasian President.

There is nothing more boring than listening to a small group of white women talking about nothing. Nothing makes white women look more white than putting Whoopi Goldberg right dab in the middle of them.  How long will she last before all the tea sipping book reading bunch turns on her like a pack of passive/aggressive hungry dogs. Of course, it will be Whoopi’s fault. These white women eat black women and lesbians for breakfast and act like they were asking for it. Of course, they really don’t know what they are in for with Whoopi. Whoopi can take names and kick ass with the best of them.  I think the blond bitch that tangled with Rosie might shapening her nails and put on some body armour. You see Whoopi doesn’t get all emotional like Rosie.  She has been in the company of white folks for al long time. She knows white folks.  Then these women start acting all “gurlie” and innocent and when they start their back stabbing, Whoopi will not be amused. I think “The View” is truly a view into how women act towards each other. It is like a restrained cat fight with all the niceties of genteal alley cats. I might just watch. Who knows.

For all you Republicans zealots I thought you might want to take your Leviticus reading heads out of the Bible long enough to learn that George Bush has signed into law  a bill that he can at his own discretion seize property and assets from anyone he thinks is hurting Iraq. All you Rush Limbaugh fans who love a good fascist the time is nearing. Bush already has the power to call Marshall Law anytime he wants. If anyone in this United States doesn’t know that means total dictatorship then you better grip that Bible just a little tighter. For almost seven years, George Bush and the Republican Party have been systematically working for this moment. You wonder why none of the candidates seem interested in talking crap about George Bush. Der Fuhrer will send them off to the camps that will be decided upon at a later time. It is truly the ‘Twilight of the Gods’ where evil will reign supreme. The Republicans have decided that they are tired of all the ‘liberal’ white noise. It’s time for America to be great again. Almost all the pieces are in place. George has used the textbook formula to take his place in the history books. He is not worried about his legacy because he will be able to rewrite history. He doesn’t worry about you and me. We are just human trash that he will bury in mass graves. All these terrorist alerts and warnings are just part of his confidence game that he has been using on us. I think our fears have been misguided. Al Qaeda will look like a pussycat by the time George is finished with us. Nothing is worst than the ultimate betrayal by our elected officials. I think we need to enjoy these few moments of freedom we have left. Our Republican leaders stand up and lie to our faces knowing that what they are doing is for the better good of the people. The ends always justify the means in a fascist society. Don’t worry about American we will still have those country and western songs about an America we love about the flag, bravery and patriotism. Mitts said yesterday that France was moving toward the U.S politicialy. France is not moving toward us. Hillary may not be able to be elected in France but  Mitt Romney will never ever be elected President of the United States, him or anyone else. He is like the rest of us waiting for the other shoe to fall and the moment is right when George takes his rightful place in history. It is not the end for all you religious folks. It is just a little hell that only a religious zealot can understand. For it is truly the Twilight of the Gods. New Orleans won’t be the last of the bodies lying on the streets. The bad times they are a comin.

I hear the all knowing Democrats has jumped on Barack Obama who said he would speak to renegade nations and try to make a difference in what they were doing.  How crazy,  George whose vocabulary is dropped down to five or six words can’t have a conversation with anyone. If we hadn’t started talking to North Korea, where would we be today. So I guess he was right about his decisions to talk the bad boys. You see discussion does not get anyone killed. Talking never blows of a soldier arm or leg.  Talking never sent a soldier in a metal box. Talking is good.   Interfacing is what they call it today.  Unlike the conversation that Chicken George has with his electorate, it shouldn’t be one sided and have fear invoking words. Yes, if it is George Bush talking we definitely don’t need that.  I know that Hillary knows all there is to know about politics.  She has been around for 35 years.  But so has Laura Bush but I would want her to be President. I think it is time that Hillary quit acting like she is an “A” student and everyone else is a “D” student. I would like to suggest that Hillary would get over herself. I don’t think we need someone like Hillary to correct our spelling and straighten our ties.  Don’t get me wrong I think Hillary might just become the first women President curiosity of George Bush and friends. However, remember she hasn’t gone through fire by Bush as of yet.  Bush may be a pariah come election but he will still pushing the buttons. That’s why all the Republicans are still kissing his ass. He will be American’s Dr. Strangelove with one of Michael Jackson sequined glove. Just remember regardless of how bad we think any of the Democratic candidates are George Bush is ten times worst.  John Edwards who just can’t relate to this gay/lisbo thing.  Please anyone that spends that much time screwing with his hair understands the gay/lesbo thing.  So John go tell it to someone who will believe you. You really want to be President go get a buzz cut. I think you would look really hot in a straight man’s kind of way, of course.  If I were just coming out of a time capsule and I saw Mitt and John together in San Francisco  I would think they were a couple. They both have that 1950’s GQ man look about them. Of course either will be the next President of the United States.   John lost this election in 2004 when he let bullfrog Cheney treat him like a high school cheerleader and didn’t do anything about it. Barack Obama doesn’t look so bad after all, huh.  Oh, by the way the black man who wants reparations, get a frigging life and get a job. You have been YouTubed dude. Your image and voice will live forever.

Well, the Democratic debates came and went last night. I thought questions from YouTube kind of sucked because the questions were selected by someone with an agenda. I was surprised by the fact that Hillary and others were saying that it will take months and maybe a year to get us out of Viet Nam Iraq.  What a load of crap. They said we need an orderly timed exit strategy to get out. I say bull shit. You call all the generals together and you tell them you want all the troops out of Iraq in four months and they need to make it happen.  When the candidate start talking about we need to have a orderly blah, blah, blah.  Then they haven’t got a clue.  Nothing has been orderly since we got there, except the money into Haliburtons pockets. It appears that it is a hell of a lot easier to start a war than it is to stop one. Once the money starts flowing it is hard to stop it from going down the rat hole. Once the blood starts flowing there is no finger to put in the dike. It appears to be easier to bring our troops home in boxes than it is to bring them all home alive and together. I don’t think the Democrats understand quite yet what the American people are asking them to do. “That is bring the troops home, N0w!”  Super Giorgio The War Whore has proven again that he is not up to the task of doing anything but lying and misinforming us all.  There must be fifty way to leave a War, like the old song 50 ways to leave your lover. Pull’em all back Jack. Get’em on a plane, Jane and so on and so on.  If the Democrats want to prolong the war then we as Americans need to reassess our goals. The Democrats are not where they are today for something they have done. They are there because the Republicans are inept.  Is there anyone in Washington willing to get us out of the War? The Democrats need to start walking the walk. They have been talking the talk long enough. You hear that buzzer? Times up boys and girls.  Stop talking and do what you need to do, now, get our men and women out of harms way. All that the war whores need to do is invade the United State from Iraq,  which is something they can understand. War, invasion, USA, sent troops, now. That is simple cave man George-speak. If Democrats think they have a bird nest on the ground, they better start rethinking that fairytale. Party is over, Democrats either crap or get of the pot.