Dance Down Sunday

August 30, 2009


Fifteen seconds of hate, Republican style.  Too bad that Master Thurman died before Barack Obama became President.  It would have been a joyous moment in History.

Need I say More–G.I. JoeDUKE

I love me some idiots from Arkansas.  The head idiot is Mike Huckabee whose life  as changed since running for President. Not that he really got anywhere.   He was so far behind McCain that no one knew is was still in the running.  He now has a radio program and a TV program.  Seems like the public is a sucker for a good ole  non-ordained Southern Baptist Preacher.  The problem is that God is not a Republican.  At least my God isn’t.  But all southern preachers are showmen. They are slap happy,  hand shaking,  belly jiggling fools of the religious trade.  The kind of guy that does quiet well in Arkansas.  A poor state that has people who want to believe that God will reward them for being uneducated and backward.   A group of folks that believe in a mean God who does bad things to bad people.  The problem I have with Mr. Huckabeeis he is a liar.  Of course, religion is about lying. It’s  about all those things that make us stupid folks just a little bit stupider.  He is a southern Baptist preacher (non-ordained) that’s how you spell racist in the south.  It’s one of those code words. That says I hate black folk. Of course the N word is used instead of black folk.   I, being from the South can hear the racism like sweat oozing from his pores.  In the South you don’t have be anything but racist and you are one of the boys.  I know that Mr. Huckabee is a man of God.  Ok.   In the South about one in four persons is an non-ordained preacher.  Mr. Huckabee said that if Ted Kennedywas on the proposed health care system he would have been send home to die.  Maybe that’s true. Maybe it’s not.  I do remember ‘God’s Healthcare’.  It was practiced alot before the American Government stepped in.   I was privy to some of it in my youth.  It’s call “God will heal you if you believe”.  Preachers like Mr. Huckabee would go around healing the sick until theydied. It was a collage industry. Roving Evangelists would take their dog and pony all over the South.  Maybe that could be the Republicans health care plan.  I’ve been told stories that would make you madder than hell.  About you children dying because some healthcare healer of the time was the best there was in rural America.  My father was sent home to die because the Doctor said he couldn’t do anymore. I guess there will be a time in all our lives that no one can do anything for us and yes we will die. Healthcare is not about dying it is about living. It’s about all of us who need help and care until that moment comes when we die.  Again it is for the living so why do we talk so much about dying.  Mr. Huckabee is a liar and a fraud.  We all know that.  Sometimes we can see the man behind the clown makeup for what he is. It is health care not death care so why are the Republicans talking about death so much.

Christianity is dead!

August 27, 2009

GodDeadIn 1966, Time Magazine asked is God dead.   Of course God or Gods don’t die they just fade away.  Like the voyage down the river Styx, it appears that Christianity not God is dead.  Someone has put the coins on the eyes of Christianity so it can pay it’s way into hades.  The coins that blinds the eyes of our modern hatchet men and soothsayers as they speak the words of Satan and the angel of death.  Christianity has always been for the rich and powerful. It has kept the meek and the less adventurous at bay.  It was our health care system before there was a health care system.   It was the healing ability of a selected few in the Bible.  I guess Jesus was the best healer. Later the church got into building Church hospitals usually to get some guilt ridden someone who had screwed over the masses into heaven.   No too much bitching about health care.  Of course that was really death care in the days when your body healed itself or you died.  Where is Christianity now in the care of the sick and dying.  It seems to have fallen by the wayside.  Christianity has moved in with the money changers.  God bless them they just couldn’t resist. I haven’t heard one religious organization endorse health care. They are all out praising Hitler and his ability to almost conquer the world.  In religious circles Hitler has taken Jesus’s place as the savor of the world.  Religious leaders now site Hitler and his ability for total commitment and focus on one’s enemy.  Jesus is way too anti-Christianity. Can that be. American Christianity has morphed into some sort of anything goes, say anything kind of practice of sorcerers mantra. When men of God are quoting the new saint, Rush Limbaugh, we know that religions has made a fatal turn.  When Christianity is used as a sworn to fight in the world of politics. Can it’s death be far  behind? When the word of God is used to excuse murder, then how far has Christianity got to go before it is nothing but a cult of Satan worshipers.  How far, when worshipers spit in the face of Jesus as they shadow box with their own sins. Christianity is where Jesus was 2000 years ago. It is on the crossroad of it’s existence. When we can no longer believe what is spoken when it was been twisted and  turned into some lies for someone to gain politically.  Christianity is ripe with hordes of Satan’s angels of death.  Their mouth spew lies that are a dirge for Christianity.  Christianity was built on love and understanding and kindness without that you talking something else.  We might as  well all be follows of  Charles Manson cause if there are no standards it’s all helter Skelter