Living without gravity–American Politics

July 3, 2008


There may be global warming and there maybe melting ice caps around the poles, but in the world of politics and the Mass Media we are already living without gravity. You know that pressure that keep us all grounded in some sort of reality. It’s something that we don’t feel but it there and now it appears to be gone, politics having an unbounded ablitiy to do and say anything. There is not truths or lies, there is no good or bad. Maybe a little like walking on the moon. We have become an America with not rules. Eight years of you know who, has freed us all up to do as we please and say what we want. There are no religions to stand up and hold us down to keep us from floating into outer space of political suicide.  At one time the Churches help us all stay grounded in some truth but now they do nothing. It appears they have lost their gravity too. Of course, religion by it’s nature has no gravity, reason and religion are opposite.  Politicians that once were bound by honor are lawless and good for nothing. The Press and the Mass Media also held our sacred trust. Now the lawlessness of no gravity has them floating into a world of carnival barkers.  As the American people no longer listen to them they must up the ante and make sure their voice are heard. My god who would have thought we would be where we are today. Hopefully when gravity does return the free fall will not kill us all. Maybe we won’t recognize America after the fall. I’m afraid that we have such a limited time to get our feet back on the ground or we will just float out into space.


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