May 15, 2007

These are the three elements that make the circle of life go around.  Religion and sex have been intermixed from the beginning of time.  Adam and Eve and a little sex after sharing a Red Delicious in the garden of Eden.  That started all that begotten. The Bible was written by men and try as men try, after food, sex gets more play than anything else from the gray matter.  When you’re writing a wonderful book like the Bible or at least helping to write it, the homones still keep churning out the underlying need for men to get a little now and then.  The ten commandments is basically a protection of men and their stuff and sex. Don’t be lusting after someone’s asswife.  So when ever someone got out their Bic and started writing there was this need to discuss sex. You see as man became more civilized he wanted some sort of protection so he could get his fair share of sex.  I’m sure that in the caveman days of Ally Oop the studly guys with all the muscles were getting all the girls. And I mean all the girls.   Pre-Darwin there was Ally Oop’s survival of the fittest.  Even before gay hairdresser and makeup artist there was that certain thing women had. This is when sex and religion married, if you will.  Religion promises men that they will get a little from time to time.  At least until they get married. Marriage that’s a really good idea. The church or religion will guarantee that man will get all he can handle. Great move. When writing some of the Bible with sex still igniting the gray matter. The thoughts of two hot good looking men working out in the fields. The muscled bodies glistening in the hot sun.  The smell of their unwashed body. Someone’s mind has run amok. That’s where Leviticus and the abomination all gets started.  I guess we know what an Abomination really is or you just glad to see me. From Lott having sex with his daughters to Samson lust after Dehlia sex and religion has been align from the beginning. Partners in supply and demand. Then here comes politics. Like the three stooges of our existence. They be slapping each other around and doing their slap-stick ever since. Mormons were the first to go over board letting men have as many sex partners as they want as long as they marry them first. Primo dude.  Politics was invented so when religion failed to deliver sex on demand like those PPV cable channels, the Politicians were there to do so. Sex and religion would flourish with Politicians at the helm. The only problem is politics opened the door for the 7 deadly sins.  The sins that most politicians and that gray matter can’t resist. Religion became uncertain of its role as sex began to get out of control. Maybe too much of a good thing.  The role of religion had always been to insure that men get all they want but now it’s out of control. It’s time for the politicians to step in where religion failed. See how that works. Politicians are now regulating sex.  As goes the circle of life. Deciding who does what to whom. Yes, Larry, Curly and Moe.


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