rolling-stones-sticky-fingers-420060-991.jpgIn an attempt to revive what is left of his tattered legacy. George Bush has decided to let the press have an exclusive on a picture of him working out on the ranch.  His guys believes he will again get all the women to join his fake harum of  women supporters like the surge he had on the Destroyer on the day we won his war. Oh, excuse me we didn’t win the war.  After all that is all those emptied headed women think about. Ask Laura.  Dallas is desperate have a reason to build that ole Bush Library. This could do it. I hope that isn’t a pig in a poke! 

I think that’s is really a Rolling Stones cover call Sticky Fingers. don’t get me to lying

Trent Lott is not Gay!

November 27, 2007

Please, folks.  You really can’t believe that any gay man would lay up in bed with Trent and do the big nasty.  I guess all you folks believe that sex as well as love is blind when money is involved. Trent Lott is a lot of things. That ain’t no lie. But gay, nah. What’s the point. It’s against everything he holes dear.  Racism, bigotry, sexism, fascism and of course anti-gayism (not a word). These are stepping stones of a true man. A man of honor who has the respect of those who view life as he does.  To imply that he would stoop down and partake of such things is blasphemy. To be in the same bed with a young virile blond hot  man with all those bulging muscles and no telling what he has all wrapped up in his package is in itself unbelievable. Unless you got some pictures, of course.  Yes, how dare anyone imply that Trent would do anything to tarnish the image of the South. His beloved homeland. Where men are men.  How dare them think that Trent Lott would resign over such small trivial issues as a little man on man sweaty sex.  A manly row in the hay. His sing-song buddy, Larry Craig has nothing to do with this matter. Larry is standing behind Trent. Not too close, please.  Trent may be a traitor, a liar, a thief, an adulter (hetero), a crook and on the take from any lobbyist that will pay him under the table but a friend of Dorthy, a Mary, A Nellie Nancy boy, a Zoot Suiter, a fan of Judy Garland, Boy from Oz,  a friend of Elizabeth Taylor or a Rent Boy’s best friend. I don’t think so. Now he did have an unexplainable ‘love’ for his mentor and role model Storm Thurman. That sounds like a made up name like Rock Hudson, huh.  Lets not cheapen Rock Hudson acting abilities by bringing his name into this mix.

Isn’t it great. Justice is quick with Senator Craig.  The old west justice that we all love so well.  All those mountains around Boise are alive with the chatter of “ain’t it awful”.  All those Mormons just want the fag gone. You know the guy whose butt they were kissing two weeks ago. In God’s eyes his sin was no worse than good ole boy from Louisiana David Vitter. The sweetheart of the whores in DC. There is no different in how God would judged either of the men.  David Vitter did exactly the same thing that Larry Craig did.  The only difference is who he did it with. I always feel bad for the wives who stay in these marriages knowing what their husbands are.  I guess that is really the biggest sin of all. How the wives are treated like dirt. Then they have to be paraded in front of the cameras with the lying cheating husbands. I think the wives must feel like they are walking out in front the camera  holding hands with a monkey that has an erection. I think that Larry Craig got the better of the deal. I mean he is supposed to resign tomorrow.  He will have to face what he is. He will have to look at what he has done.  Quick justice is better than that slow drawn out kind.  You see David Vitter got off scot free.  He thinks he pulled a fast one. Beat the system. Like Michael Vick until Vick got caught.  Larry Craig is the Rock Hudson of the Senate. you don’t think that Trent Lott didn’t know that Larry was into suckie suckie. Of course, he did. I would say that 99% of the Senate and the House knew.  It’s a small world down in DC. The rumor had gone around for years. Larry must of had something on someone. All those family value guys lying to our faces about good ole family valves while the likes of Larry Craig,  David Vitter and the bad boys of the Republican Party were doing their real live version of Sodom and Gomora. I would said there is a double standard of treatment for straight and gays but there is no standard in treatment  gay men and women.  Throw the book at them. The Bible Thumpers will back you up like they always have. The South will raise again. I love good ole boy justice. The kind that Alberto got until he could stand the pressure of being called a crook and fascist pig. (I added the last part: a little blog rage) David Vitter and Trent Lott who are slowly worming is way up to the top.  Some times the Politicians think that hindsight is 20/20 but what they hope for is not 20/20 it’s blindness. Yes, sometimes hindsight is blindness.  1982 was when Larry Craig was first accused of sexual wrong doing.  His Priestly duties have continued until now. Of course with the help of his friends in the House and Senate. 

They allowed this to happen then they are just as guilty as the guys that did the deed.  Where is their justice. Good ole boy or other wise.