No one really gives a flying f. what happens to our men and women in Iraq.  So lets stop acting like we do.  There were five sholdier blown to pieces over the weekend.  Fingers and toes and arms and legs, heads and the whole nine yards. They were picked up in plastic bags piece by piece and bit by bit.  Their blood soaked up by the dry Iraqi sand.  All I can say is God bless them and their families.  May George’s time in hell be everlasting.

eliot-spitzer.jpgAnother egoistical politician who has to stand up with his wife and admit that he was been thinking with the brain located between his legs in the crotch area.  Another women who has to stand by her man as he apologizes for letting his male y chromosome take over his life.  I don’t know why a man like Eliot who is a skinny unattractive man thinks that he is somehow a stud. If you have to pay for it you ain’t a stud.  Another member of the creepatorium joining the ranks of creeps that need to crawl back under a rock where they belong.  I don’t think the Democrats will stand behind him like Republicans did David Vitter.  I think they have a different standard for men who have no honor. Men who makes vows to God and his wife and then break them. The Republicans seem to be moral when it is convenient to the Party.  If straight marriage is so important to everyone, then  marriage needs to be elevated to something other than a moment of convenience.  Eliot Spitzer is just another one of those men who as been guided by his penis and his sexual needs.  The hell with his wife and his children. To hell with all the people who believe in him to do the right thing. To hell with Holy matrimony. To hell with the Bible and it’s teachings. To hell with treating another human like a piece of meat, To be bought and use. Men already have a hard enough time keeping it in their pants we don’t need a role model to let them know it’s alright to follow all their sexual urges.  He is just another man to look down to.  He may look sad and sorry but inside he is glad he got laid for 7 or 8 times at $1,500 a shot. It’s just the man in him. He will always have those moments to remember. Even if they were empty sexual paid encounters.