Holy Shit!

The Hero that wasn't

The Hero that wasn’t

Jeb Bush would do just what is idiot brother did. Knowing what he does today. He would do what his brother from Texas would do. All the people that have died. All the people wounded. All the scattered lives. And now the other Cuban guy Rubio say that boy Bush did the right thing. Governor of Louisiana Bobby Jindel is kissing a dead horse’s ass. He believes he can be as stupid as the white guys. I guess they think George Bush still has some magical power. Don’t they know how stupid the whole thing was. It was suppose to make George Bush look brave like Granada for President Regan and Panama for Papa Bush. That’s all it was supposed to be, fools. Then a fire started there was no putting it out.

So don’t think that George Boy had any idea what hell he was letting loose. He was in a forest of dry pines with a match in his hand. Its not that he had planned it all out. You see he believed his on shit. He was a star. A performer. A movie with him in it. He was ready for his close up. So all those who believe that he did the right thing. He did, but the outcome that followed was his alone. So hanging on to the war spirit of George Bush is like hanging on to a hand full of air. Someone hanging on to someone’s mistake and to be proud of it. Shouldn’t be allow to govern.

Misery and pain will be soon to follow.


It’s show time again folks. It’s time to convince all us Americans that we need to be in Iraq. We just have to come up with a reason to be there.  Winning is so important but what the hell are we winning. We have already lost more than we could ever win. I’m not going to spit in the wind again and try to sell everyone on what we have lost.  Mr. Petraeus will be there with his dog and pony show.  He will act like he is telling the truth and we will act like we believe him, at least some of us.  Why are we having this masquerade party again it doesn’t matter. George Bush is in control and ain’t nothing going change. That’s the fact Jack. The Press will again give the War Machine a somewhat lukewarm response and act like they care, but they don’t. We are all to worried if Hillary has again be caught in Hillary speak or if babies can really sing the praises of our new savior-in-President Barrack. I guess the Press is getting ready to give Barack all the free passes he needs like they have for George Bush for the last eight years.  As we all know all those free passes has been very expensive.  I am so glad to see George Bush without that smug look on his face. I guess the court jester never gets the last laugh. Yes, it’s time to throw up some new paint and maybe control the Press just a little more so no truths will really come out of Iraq. We will all be kept in the darkness at least until the War Crime Trials begin. When maybe some real truths will come forth. Toxic George’s New World Order for the Middle East maybe then can come to the head. Patraeus can talk to the cows come home but won’t be able to excuse us for invading another country. I think all those “fucking War bitches” should all go over to Iraq and campaign from Baghdad.  Maybe Barbara and Laura can take the kids over for a fun filled week. After all, it’s almost back to normal in Baghdad. I think John McCain has said that several times already.  I don’t know what that means. Bottom line has always been, we need to get the hell out of there. I have yet to hear why we are there except conservatives really do love war. There was no War talk on the talking head maggot radio they are all talking about Hillary and health care.  The medical community is scared shitless that Hillary might destroy their little play house.

All language used in this post was approved by the conservative and liberal talking heads of Anti-Hillary talk radio. Time Magazine all once great Publications and news papers. I personally don’t approve but all things in America seems to be in the gutter.

380px-stigmata.jpgWe have the war. Yes, we are doing really good over there. I haven’t heard of many deaths of American soldiers lately. It’s like the war was there one day and then the next day, like the Angels from heaven came down and swooped it up and its gone.  It’s so easy being good when we don’t have to talk about that nasty ole oil war. The religious candidate like Huckabee or Romney don’t talk about it. The killing and all those dead bodies are some kind of blood sport to them afterall the Bible is about death and killings, isn’t it.  Two religious men without the blood of Christ to guide them or show them the way.  The Republicans who love religion but have shown that they use it only as a pawn in the games of politics.  The Methodist are buying and selling land in Dallas so that George Bush can built his library. The stigmata of the Iraq hangs and drips from our once beloved flag. As our boys and girls are sacrifice for a full tank of gas. The stigmata of blood that covers our dead soldiers will be like a sore on our souls.  We justify our actions from a book about a God who is in hiding.  Our frantic search through the papers of our Holy Book to find scriptures that will justify what we do.  We want a religious leader but not a spiritual one.  One who can guide us.  One who finds God not in a book but in his or her heart, that is where God lives. We don’t need a leader who hates the right groups of people and then say he is of God.   We have no leadership in any of the people on either side of the isle. When we let fear rule our lives, then even the word of God can not reach us. We sent our young to war out of fear.  We closed our ear and mind and heart and let fear reign supreme.  Will the death of a million, make us feel safe. It hasn’t and it won’t.  You don’t fight religious zealots by becoming a zealot. You use common sense. That is the only way you win is to be smarter than them not crazier than them. You can never win a war long term on someone elses land. How many times will be have to learn that lesson. We have become a land of followers. Why, because it feels better to let someone do your thinking.  The stigmata that has blooded our patriotism and turned it into some cheat political trick for politicians to use.  When we chose to invade another country and have war. When we chose death, we are not of God. All the Huckabees and all the Romneys and all the McCains in the world won’t make it right.  So as we hide from the war.  When we put our hand across our heart at a football game knowing that we are killing innocent people, that is the true stigmata of the Iraq war.  It will stain us all, it will make us different, we will not recognized who we will become. That is the real price of the War in Iraq. So we can hide from the war, but it will be the stigmata that will be with us throughout history. It will be our cross to carry.

I don’t know why but much in the mood to write in my blog.  I want to write something really good about the Iraqi war but what the heck.  What is the point in that. I do realize that we are going to stay in Iraq until after George Bush is out of office. I do realize what a horrible thing we are doing to our troops. It really must be like hell over there. Men and women who are on their second or third tour of duty.  Facing death every minute that they are there.  I do realize that George Bush is truly a coward of the worst kind.  One without a conscience.  He is a serial killer. That same mentality. The same lack of remorse. He is a Ted Bundy on a grander scale.  With the help of the Republican Party he is murdering everyday.  You have heard the old crap line the NRA uses that guns won’t kill people do. I understand that now more than ever. George is pushing all the bottons of the war machine. It is he who is killing our troops.  He is a power hungry creep that gets his stones off by knowing he is causing people to die.  The whole Bush family is a bunch of amoral bottomfeeders. Caring for no one except how the Bush family will be remembered in history.  The war was important to George Bush. It was a major distraction for all of us as he and his Republicans and religions freaks tried to dismantle our laws and government as best they could. He thinks he will be remembered for “bringing America back to a conservative form of government”.  That’s why he is relentless in trying to destroy anything that is not considered conservative. He thinks he is the savior of the Republican Party.  Maybe the history books will read that he brought America back to their conservative roots.  No matter what laws he broke and how many lifes the took in his quest. The Republicans have always believed that the end justify the means.  Blood means nothing, its just a minor problem that time will erase.  $100,000 insurance per dead soldier when we paid millions to those who died in the World Trade Center.  Are our soldiers not a victim of terrorism too. We know who the real terrorist are.  Unlike Rosy Odonnell I will say what I mean. The real terrorist are George Bush and Dick Cheney and all those Republicans that refuse to bring our men and women home now.  The fake Jesus freaks that Jesus Christ wouldn’t have anything to do with and this evil endeavor. If Jesus was here today, he would be walking the streets of Bagdadh conforting the victims of both side of this evil war. He would know that we are all a victim of George Bush and Dick Cheney’s sick joke of a war. As the Radio-lairs-talking heads spew their lies day after day and the Fox News lies for the evil conservatives, the blood of your young men and women will keep flowing in the gutters of Iraq.  We all know that America has changed.  We have sacrificed our young for oil. We will never be the same.  All that fake patriotism is just for show. Wave the flag slowly as our soldiers die. 

During WWII the Jews that were crammed into cattle car on their journey to the gas chambers. They could feel the movement of the rail cars as the train moved along the tracks.  The smell of unwashed bodies pressed up against each other.  They had the luxury of not knowing what was going to happen to them as they got to the end of the trip. They didn’t know what horrible fate was in store for them. They did not know that the whole world had abandon them and there would be no one to save from their horrible fate. I wonder if our American soldiers filing onto a plane to their journey into hell,  have the feeling of being abandon by their people.  As they are packed in the planes like sardines,  do they have a feeling in the pit of their stomach, knowing that they are on a trip into hell that they might not survive. Family and friends come and see them off.  With tears and sadness they wave to their warrior loved ones as they board the plane. A surreal moment, as the brave men and women go to fight George Bush’s war.  I wonder if they feel like the Christians might have felt as they were lead into the lion’s den by the Romans.  No one caring enough to stop the madness.  As the their bodies are torn apart, did the Christians feel the betrayal by their family and friends.  Our soldiers sent into battle with inadequate body armour, machinery, and equipment.  Sent in to be blow apart by people who look like the people we were sent to protect.  Men and women who are sent back while still recovering from wounds they received earlier.  Tour after tour in Iraq. Some as many as four tours. Their tour in hell extended for four or five months.  I don’t think the American troops can afford our support. We have supported 1000 into their graves since last year.  The ruined lives and broken marriage await them if they are lucky enough to return home.  Thouands have lost legs and arms.  Hey, we know all this but still we support the Bush War.  How do you think they feel knowing we really don’t care.  Maybe like Jews in cattle cars. I hope to hell not. If we all didn’t know how this is going to end, it wouldn’t be so bad.  Everything George touches ends badly. 

pab1863.jpgMy mommy told me that you were going to go to heaven pretty soon.  She said that you  are sick and soon the angels are going come and get you.  I want to write to you to let you know that my daddy is in heaven.  My dad was a soldier for America. He was brave and strong. I loved him very much. I would like for you to give him a message. I know you will be real busy at first. When all the other soldiers up there will want to talk to you. I just want you to tell my dad that we love him very much and that we miss him.  You see I won’t be able to see him again.  When they brought him home I could not see him because he was hurt too bad.  I wanted to see him so bad. Mommy said that he will be whole again when he gets to heaven.  He was a big strong guy who played ball with me and took me fishing.  So Mr. Snow when you get to heaven tell my daddy that he is brave and did what this commander said.  This Commander must me a nice man for my dad to die for.  Anyway, tell my daddy that he is a hero.  Cause I know that people like you would do all they can to help protect my daddy.  As I go through life I will always think of him and as I get older and understand what the war in Irak was all about. I will know why my daddy had to die. To save America from those bad guys like all the heroes before. When I see a picture if you and the other man Mr.Bush I will always remember what you have done for my daddy. I will never forget. So Mr. Snow when you get to heaven tell my daddy how much you help him when he was in Irak. I know that if you weren’t sick you would be over there helping win victory over those bad guys. I have to go now my mother is crying again.  Kiss the angels for me.   Bye

Iraq is not Viet Nam

April 18, 2007

We mourn for the rich and educated and we ignore the men and women who are stretched to the limit in Iraq.  We have finally decided that there are the privileged and those who are here to serve those privileged. President Bush again shows his contempt for our soldiers in Iraq as he made his speech to those who have fallen at Virginia Tech but never showing any mercy or  acknowledge(to accept or admit the existence or truth of) our troops under assault. We have all the patriots of the Viet Nam War (me included) that set on their hands or wave the flag like old useless farts do. Talking about their War and the bravery it took. Letting young men die like the young men we left behind in Viet Nam. Men’s whose names we no longer remember or whose faces we can no longer see in our minds eye as we think about our time of service. Men with no names and no faces, like the young men we send to fight our oil wars. We go to our VFW beer halls to drink our beers to drown out our bordeun of old age. Trying to grasp at the past that no longer exists. Turning our back on the young men and women that need us to stand behind them and make sure that they are well protected. But like all other Americans we have become all show and no go. We are the ones that should know better. We have become pathetic men who need to talk about our bravery so we can feel important. The bravery of these men and women in Iraq is extraordinary, but ignored  because we are standing by the the President right or wrong.  Our bravery has long since left us and we are just tired old men who don’t give a damn about anything except maybe being one of George’s boys. The same George that hid like a little girl when he asked to serve honorably. Men like him laughed at us who served and called us ‘fools’. We have a government full of those once young cowardous boys who refused to fight. They are still laughing at the ones that go calling them ‘fools’.  For those who say that Iraq is not like Viet Nam they are right we have brave men and women fighting there as we had in Viet Nam. The problem is America has chanced we not longer honor our soldiers in uniform, it seems like we stand with the Presidnet and  just laugh and call them ‘fools’. We brave patroits of Viet Nam are now standing with the coward who wouldn’t serve, shoulder to shoulder, damn aren’t we proud. Fuckin A