CNN is slowly turning into Fox News. It’s slowly filling it’s roster with Bushheads. Who are touted as conservatives. Tony Snow is not a conservative he is a Fascist who has been tainted by Toxic George. There is not a true conservative left in Washington. They are greedy self serving Cretan. Tony Snow is a trained killer, killer of the truth.  Boy wonder(wonder how he got where he is) Glen Beck is on CNN. Facist in resident. Glen passed by the truth the other day and didn’t even reconized it.  I guess CNN owed Toxic George a favor. I’m sure they do. CNN signed a pack with George not to report the War in Iraq or Afghanistan. I like a Cable New Network in bed with the government. It makes for good ratings, no? I am forced to watch CNN at the gym for about 2 hours. If you want to know there is a car wreck in Seatle and closed the freeway there or there is a house fire in San Antonio CNN is the place to be. Tony Snow has the blood of all the men and women who died in Iraq while he was George Bush’s butt boy.  Lying to the American people day after day. I guess we now know how chickenshit CNN is. Love me some dying Tony Snow. I thought he was going to get a real job after his time in hell with the George. From Fox Network to Press Secretary to CNN, wow, that’s moving up. This time last year he was in full lair mode for the President when I wrote the following on the 5/2/07.

Dear Mr Snow,

My mommy told me that you were going to go to heaven pretty soon.  She said that you  are sick and soon the angels are going come and get you.  I want to write to you to let you know that my daddy is in heaven.  My dad was a soldier for America. He was brave and strong. I loved him very much. I would like for you to give him a message. I know you will be real busy at first. When all the other soldiers up there will want to talk to you. I just want you to tell my dad that we love him very much and that we miss him.  You see I won’t be able to see him again.  When they brought him home I could not see him because he was hurt too bad.  I wanted to see him so bad. Mommy said that he will be whole again when he gets to heaven.  He was a big strong guy who played ball with me and took me fishing.  So Mr. Snow when you get to heaven tell my daddy that he is brave and did what this commander said.  This Commander must me a nice man for my dad to die for.  Anyway, tell my daddy that he is a hero.  Cause I know that people like you would do all they can to help protect my daddy.  As I go through life I will always think of him and as I get older and understand what the war in Irak was all about. I will know why my daddy had to die. To save America from those bad guys like all the heroes before. When I see a picture if you and the other man Mr.Bush I will always remember what you have done for my daddy. I will never forget. So Mr. Snow when you get to heaven tell my daddy how much you help him when he was in Irak. I know that if you weren’t sick you would be over there helping win victory over those bad guys. I have to go now my mother is crying again.  Kiss the angels for me.   Bye