r-DEMS-DEAL-hugeMy goodness the Hawks are dancing their dance again. Sounds like when George was around. The GOP will do anything to make sure the Black man doesn’t succeed. War is an option. Herr Schumer would nuke the middle east and all the oil the we could no longer use. The crazy GOP have lost their minds.  GOP is now in bed with Israel.  Once Democrats was the home of Israel. Well we might as well get use to it.  Russia would set by and sleep  while  Herr Schumer did his “Dr. Strangelove” act. I feel so safe now the GOP has step in. Cutting of their noses to spite our faces.  The more the President succeeds, the wild and crazy the boys on the right get. What would Jesus do. I said these things beore all the war paint is spread around. This really could be the thing that put the GOP back where they belong. Bitching and moaning out of the majority. Come on boys just do it. All the christian “bakers”  are with ya. Why Irsael hasn’t bombed Iran. They done it before. They want us in the middle so we can take the blame. They have had 2,000 years of using people.


TV, what the Hell!

April 4, 2015

scream.jpgI just realize that I don’t watch TV any more. I am doing things that TV had taken away. I don’t miss all the CSI’s and all the dancing with whoever. Voices and singers don’t tempt me. I have the time read. I don’t long for the places Ive never been. I don’t hear the maggot-mouth policians. All those wonderful lies no longer touch my soul. No theater. I remember my grandmother said TV was work of the devil. I’m glad she not around to see what TV has really become. What the Devil can really do.  There are so many devils around. I forget the names of people I never knew. They belong to others, now. I don’t need them anymore and I never did.
I find the new TV’s with new clear picture and sounds and nothing to see. TV belongs to the past. It just a money maker for the bean counters. Less product more money. It’s like “Atlas Shrugged” people just seem to disapear. Good has gone to a better place. I find a better place is where my TV isn’t


The GOP is getting ready for their Turd slinging. Mrs. Bachmann is a seasoned member of the turd fest. The Queen of drama and all that goes along with the GOP.  She raps her shit in the Bible and patriotism. You can’t tell its a turd until you get the smell. Her gay husband agrees.

WalkerI hope all the rich guys with money put it all on Scott Walker. I hope that ole rat hole is bottomless. Scott Walker is another Palin. Of course, Palin had showmanship.  Walker is an empty bag of wind. A paper Tiger of sorts.  He doesn’t have a  personality even to be a distraction from the Democratic runner. I only hope the King Koch Bros. put a lot money into him becoming President. He will make an excellent candidate in the government against the people

Spelling and grammer…

March 2, 2015

I was looking through my blog. Items I had written 2008 2007 2006. I was criticized for my spelling and grammar and not making sense. All the negative comments were from the right. I had to laugh that George Bush who couldn’t spell, use good grammar and make sense. Was the sweetheart of the right who didn’t really care if the court jester could make sense or not. After recovering

Yes, George We really miss you

Last post about Georgie Boy

from a stroke, all you spelling and grammar buffs will have a field day. Obama’s ability to speak the Kings English (White man’s speak) is really refreshing. These colored boys seem to be doing ok. I hope my blog will have motivated all good spellers and grammar boys. As capitalism fads and the age of money Kings shapes what we used to call democracy. As the oceans rise so will the fortunes of the Kings until Wall Street is underwater.

Conversatives or what!

July 2, 2013


In the world of Bible thumpers and gun toting dudes. All the magic seems to have gone away. I mean what the heck. The “Supreme Court” when they go my way I love them so much, but when they think like those other guys, they are devils and all that bad names we have been saving for those other bad folks. Are what they are.  I can’t believe the world has changed so much and yet not change at all. But that’s what our government wants. If  we think like cavemen, they can do what they want. One surprising think I’ve learn the last week was that it’s all about money. It’s about benefits and sharing benefits. It’s about treating people the same, that’s the problem. A little male on male hanky-panky that’s nothing. Its the money stupid. Corporate America has pretty well excepted benefits for same-sex partners . Its those Americans who want as much as they can get but afraid someone get more than them. The truth is nothing is what it seems. After the boys get finishing putting the spin on it apples are oranges and Plums are whatever they can make them. We have a congress so bad that nothing happening. It time for congress to close down and go home. Somehow its Obama’s doings. Rush Limbaugh need come to the rescue or has that time passed. Is he an “Old Timer” and out of date or is it the congress. The Jesus boys have been sold out or has the bullshit stopped. Congress is to busy doing what white people have always done, trying to keep a black person from succeeding. Cutting off their noses to spite their faces. Lets see who noses are left in the end. Will the Koch brother be able to put the Grand Ole Party back together again.


castshotNetwork TV sucks. I don’t like a Hoover, more like a Tornado. Of course, it’s because of the (Wal-Mart) China-Mart principle. Doing less and making more profit. A viewing audience of 2 1/2 million is unheard of in a world of 360 million. Will TV last as long as Movie Pictures. A media that TV tried to destroy.  Networks appear to be wholesale destruction of its own industry. From really bad writing, acting and subject matter there seem to be  an effort to destroy the whole industry. TV today is what my parents called the work of the Devil. The Devil in this case an unskilled piece of work. Repeats are real big. I can move my lips to “Law and Order” like old song, I seen it so many times. “House” don’t get he started. I’ve over to Netflix. Had enough of Dish, Cable etc. It’s all the old crap. I’m not paying to watch the same old crap. The Networks want to be like cable channels, when they can get the rating. “Drop dead Diva” was a program I watched on Sunday. I know that it is a piece of crap. But it was light and as long as left reality behind everything was O.K.. The last episode was real stupid episode and my swan song from the whole series. Network wants to lose its audience. No problem I’m gone just like millions of other TV watchers.