Mike Huckabee, Gary BlackwellAll you would be killers. Don’t join the armed forces until the black President is out of office. All the Gods in the heavens couldn’t get Mike Huckabee elected President. Preachers have no problem making things up. That’s why he is so comfortable on Fox News. It’s the nature of the beast. Mike should have a talk with God. Maybe God could slap some sense into him. God could tell him how delusional he is.  He would have a problem getting elect girl scout leader. The President is anti-christian. The GOP is always telling us who people are. They love the word ” Nazi”cause they can relate to being one. The truth is, the GOP is anti-christian. They love sending boys and girl to die so the money changers can stay in power. I see he is  shooting a gun. Notice all the safety gear. An instructor, showing him which way to point his weapon.  I’m not surprised that he is not riding a horse. The Western thing. That’s sells. No respectable horse would let that “lard ass” get on him.  He is a Fox “Newsless” kind of guy. The problem is some people are so stupid, they don’t how stupid they really are. By the way I know how stupid I am.


I was just thinking how really really really far we haven’t come in the world of men and women relations.  How American men look at women. Homicide is the number one killer of  pregnant women.  Let me say that another way. Men are the number one killer of pregnant women.  It’s not a really bad Health Care System or not getting enough to eat but murder. Now don’t get the word murder or kill mixed up. I heard it explained that murdering someone was not the same as killing someone. It’s one of the Biblical things that somehow makes it alright to do one but not the other. I think that men are finally realizing that women are smarter than them.  Deep down maybe they have always know that.  It appears that women have something that men have to have.  It’s probably not sex, but sex is part of it.  A man will kill, murder, steal, and do all kinds of things to be with a certain women.  Some women have such control over men that a men will kill to be with or to try to get away from a woman.  We see it everyday men gone crazy of the thought of a women. Sex and love, babies and no babies all the tragedies of life.  Men will treat a women like a queen. Open  doors for her. Send their last dime on a woman. In the reverse, a man will treat a women such contempt that he will beat her on a regular bases. It all appears to be men just can’t help themselves when it comes to women.  You can tell when a man is intimidated by a women. Take Chris Matthews for example. He is so intimidated that he called Hilary a she-devil.  Excuse me. A she-devil, that so high school. You see what I mean. Obviously Hilary has hit a nerve in Chris’s male Psyche that brings out a visceral reaction. He also called her sexy and some other crap. A trip to the shrink should be in order.  Now lets go to Glen Beck, I understand where he coming from. He has this boy like quality that only a loser in the field of romance could create. He is always talking about women as sex objects or objects of ridicule. He could never be in the presents of Hilary without pissing his pants. All the guys who are running for President are confused because Hilary has changed the rules.  Before men could talk bullshit when running for President. You know, mother, apple pie, the flag or any nonsense that came to mind.  Now Hilary knows what she saying. She has done her home work, unlike the lazy Fred Thompson types. What is a guy to do when he doesn’t know what he is talking about. There is John McCain, God bless his heart, hasn’t got a clue what the hell is going on. Rudy Guiliani a man who appears to be out of his mind. I think he has got testosterone poisoning or something.  9/11 is all he has.  Fred Thompson, well he has what he wants and he knows she is hot. No need to talk about real stuff.  Mike Huckabee is the one that really doesn’t have clue. He talks about religion and scripture cause that’s all he knows. He doesn’t know about government and the Constitution. If he had any real knowledge he wouldn’t have to depend on Jesus and the Angels to get him through the day.  Mitt Romney the man of no principles. A man you can’t trust because he has no loyalties to anyone or anything. Nice looking in a metro sexual kind of way.  The one I really feel sorry for his John what’s he name. It’s like he not there. He is so pretty but no one sees him. He probably knows more than any of the candidates about government but no one cares. He can’t break the visibility barrier. Barack Obama has been playing the ‘I know what’s happening’ guy but we are beginning to see that maybe he doesn’t. Maybe the mirror is starting to crack. Hilary is the American Women.  A woman that every American knows.  A woman that every spineless man fears because she represents a woman with power.   Men have been fighting against women who have had power over them since they were born.  When I hear some guy say something about Hilary, there is a X on his forehead because usually it has to do with something that he is dealing with. Not what Hilary is saying.  Then a guy says something about her looks or what’s she wearing. He is hiding something.  If a man can’t feel equal to her then there are issues, my friend.  You say, what about women who don’t like her. I say what does it matter they are just women. Who cares what they think.  All of a sudden, we care what women think. Are you nuts. Us guys don’t listen to no girls. You crazy, get away from me American Women.

Mike Huckabee said yesterday that we should rewrite the Constitution so it reflexes christian values. Huh, excuse me Mr. CoolAid. I don’t want some freaking Jimmy Jones rewriting my Constitution. You Republicans are hell bent on destroying the Constitution, one way or the other.  When did the government become something for a President to change and modify at his pleasure.  I think we see what kind of trouble we are in now. I think the Republicans have a complete coup de tat ready for the United States of America. The problem I see is no one questioned this frigging idiot about what he said. Like no biggy. It’s just a piece of paper. We’ve heard that before, now haven’t we. I guess we are just playing a fools game. It maybe America’s time for a little self destruction that comes and goes every fifty years are so. I guess people like Huckabee sounds like they are sane because we live in  insane times. I think we are ready for some bad times. I guess George really wants to change us all as does Mr. Huckabee.  America embraces religion and  again until new order is established. When we realize that it was just to make the rich richer and the poor, (oh shit who the hell cares about the poor) we move away for it. Religion is without conscience. The words like the ten commandments are written in stone. For the true believer, it’s closes the doors to a world of possibilities. If we start Goose Stepping down that road to religious stupidity, it will doom us. That ain’t no lie.  

I usually do a little better than I did with my guess on how well Hillary would do in Iowa. Damn I was surprised.  I guess I should have figured it out by now.  You see there isn’t anyone saying anything nice about Hillary. I mean even liberals arn’t saying anything nice about her. That’s a sign. I wasn’t reading the road signs. I will say she was one of the best dressed candidates running. You see that’s all we hear about Hillary is what she wearing. Is she sexy and hot like Chris Matthews said.  She didn’t leave a tip.  Will Hillary age well if she is elected President?  Rush doesn’t think that we want to she her age. He says that it won’t be pretty.  The little fat lady in the powder blue suit giving up on Hillary.  Ms. Huffington doing her womanly back stabbing of Hillary in almost every edition of her Dot Com newspaper.  If Ariana doesn’t watch out she will the new sniper Princess of the Dot.com set.  Her “Newspaper” is almost sounding like Ann Coulter when it comes to Hillary Clinton.  No love lost for the Clintons.  I was kind of cheering  for Hillary and of course the party or the election won’t be over until the fat lady sings or this case one of the large sons of the President Elect Mike Huckabee.  The song, of course, the song will be from the Baptist Hymn Book.  Something really nice and sweet. I guess I’m jumping the gun by writing off Hillary so early in the game. Of course, I’m not.  I was thinking how hard will be on us all if she wins. The neocons will be at the castle gate everyday with a new scandal or some lies to make all our lives miserable.  I think Obama would make a good President but the jackals from the Right are having none of that. We can dream our dreams but like JFK the extremist Right will go nuclear with that idea. The Obama Girls is an example of what we have in store in the coming year.  Harold Ford was a victim of that “all the girls love them a big handsome black stud” in the last election. It’s a white man’s fantasy created by fear or as Freud would say ‘Angst’.   ‘Angst’ toward black men who are believe to be able to have sex anytime and anywhere at a moment’s notice. I’m sure that the neocons are working a video just for those white men who have those fantasies.  You might ask Clarence Thomas about the ‘long dong silver’ thingy. Of course the boys on the right have their problems to. You have Mr. Huckabee, men who have more than one son usually won’t become President. Two sons who look like two big Bubbas who are also sons of a preacher. That spells trouble where I come from in Texas.  Why aren’t those two fine young men in the military helping us win the war on Terrorism?  However a man with two girls, bingo. So that has cleared up a lot right there.  I think what happen to Hillary is Rudy.  Rudy who was either on medication or needed to be on medication, like the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland was in a hurry to go no where.  When he fell into the pit of his own despair the Yin and Yang of things fell out of balance and Hillary was temporarily throw off balance.  Seeing Rudy’s descent from Sainthood to just a lowly man like the rest of us got anyone off balance. Well, I going scratch my head and go to bed.

The Huckabee’s Family–Pork is not just for Republicans anymore

I think this is a fitting tribute to what America has become.  Fat is so in, dude! Where is their trailer.  What dreams are made of.

Mike Huckabee,  Forget about it!The problem with religious folks who get into politics, especially ones who are running for President like Mr. Huckabee is he thinks he is still talking to his congregation at home. All those Ahmen Ladies and Gents that set in the same pews week after week.  All those folks back in Arkansas who live the simple life behind the pages of the Bible. He thinks that people in New York think like those folks back in the woods.  He thinks that we all believe like he believes. I’m not saying that what he is saying isn’t good and wonderful. I wished we all lived in Arkansas. I used to go kayaking in southern Arkansas and camp there a lot. It is beautiful there, at least it was until they started cutting down all the trees, but that another story. I think that Mr. Huckabee  is just stupid enough to let the neocons finish destroying this country like that pea picking George Bush has. I think he is dumb as rocks or soap, pick your favorite. He is at least as dumb as Dana Perino and that’s dumb enough for me. He still lives back in the 1990s when it comes to aids and HIV.  Do I think that we should quarantine people with aids? Yeah, why not. Sounds good. I think we should do something about drugs. More people die from drugs and drug overdoses than Aids. I think we should lock up anyone that frightens me or doesn’t agree with me.  Hey, but that’s the way I am. But when you are running for President you don’t have the luxury of thinking like me. I can be a nutcase. You can not.  We have one now, we don’t need another.  What I am confused about is this rapist that Mr. Huckabee fought so hard to get released so he could go out and rape and then kill. How the press is kind of forgetting about all that. It’s a non story. I’m just confused, that’s all. If I were running for President and say I was Mitt Romney, the hell with illegal immigration what about this rapist and murder that you Mr. Huckabee were in bed with, so to speak. I hope they weren’t having some kind of an affair or something. You never know about those Bible Thumpers. I don’t think Mr. Huckabee can talk crap. You know those Preachers, if they don’t have a abomination or some scripture to quote they are lost. I don’t think he’s scary enough. I don’t think he has that George Bush killer instinct. I do think if George Bush had to hand pick the next President, he would pick Mike Huckabee.  He is a natural born loser, a man who  George Bush could spot across a football field.  A guy with the letter ‘L’ embedded in their forehead.  All you folks from Arkansas take a chill pill ain’t no way he is every going to be the next President of these United States.  I think we have all had enough southern boys for awhile.

Another cockroach from the Right. Sounds and looks like O’reilly on Faux News. Do they really think we are that f. ing stupid. God, please help us. I mean that sincerely. Help us endure the madness. I think God is testing us again.  He wants to know what we are made of. I think He has got a good idea. Mr Huckabee is a Senator in the Senate of the United States of America. He telling us that prisoner in Gitmo just love the shit out of being held for five years without a lawyer (against all international law). They love being waterboarded and tortured. Please I’m not an idiot, like he thinks we are all. Can you believe anyone would have the balls to say anything as stupid. Who writes the crap for him Marquis de Sade. Everyday we are instulted by these guys but we just keep on taking it. Get use to it, it’s just the beginning. Another Bible thumper was the no morals.