TV, what the Hell!

April 4, 2015

scream.jpgI just realize that I don’t watch TV any more. I am doing things that TV had taken away. I don’t miss all the CSI’s and all the dancing with whoever. Voices and singers don’t tempt me. I have the time read. I don’t long for the places Ive never been. I don’t hear the maggot-mouth policians. All those wonderful lies no longer touch my soul. No theater. I remember my grandmother said TV was work of the devil. I’m glad she not around to see what TV has really become. What the Devil can really do.  There are so many devils around. I forget the names of people I never knew. They belong to others, now. I don’t need them anymore and I never did.
I find the new TV’s with new clear picture and sounds and nothing to see. TV belongs to the past. It just a money maker for the bean counters. Less product more money. It’s like “Atlas Shrugged” people just seem to disapear. Good has gone to a better place. I find a better place is where my TV isn’t