Michele Bachmann the “Sieg Heil” Princess and America’s Holocaust freak show!

May 2, 2011


I don’t know if American politics are so over the top that politicians like the insane Princess from the North, the divine “Ms M” aka Michele Bachmann can only get anyone’s attention is by speaking in extremes.  I know that “M” isn’t smart enough to discuss the Holocaust with the American people.  Somehow she has the mistaken idea that our really bad and out of control government has something to do with the Holocaust.  How  she can dismiss the whole World War 2 thingy in such simplistic terms is amazing.  She was our door keeper when all the bad government was developing here.  Talking trash like all conservatives do so they wont have to discuss real problems.  Again Hitler or the Nazis or the Holocaust or Fräulein Weber has nothing to with our crooked and greedy politicians.  Mrs. “M” needs to take off her dirndl and quite talking Mull (garbage).  Politicians and their “handlers” have decided that we are somehow excited and upset when they use the “Hitler”  Nazi word.   They might was well be talking Greek mythology. It sounds like Karl Rove and the Texas gunslingers are behind the curtain trying to work their magic just one more time.   All of us should have figured out that a  stupid bitch like Mrs. Bachmann doesn’t have the knowledge or the understanding to discuss the Holocaust.  Pathetic  use of her political rhetoric. The problem is we Americans don’t have enough sense to talk back to such rhetoric.  The holocaust like the World Trade Center should be off-limits to the politics.  For those who use them for nothing but a little political “nosh”.  All those politicians who are experts on Germany history but can’t seem to run this country.  Now we have another joker Donald “Gary Busey” Trump. But that’s another horror story in itself.


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