The dance of the Republican Ditto heads!

April 6, 2011

Yeah, Bite me!The Gaddafi Republicans will show no mercy on us Americans.  Acting as if they had nothing to do with the “State of the Union” when in fact they have caused most of our problems.  The Rogue government that all Republicans seem to dream.  Mr. McCain was the Maverick and Sarah Palin “Going Rogue” princess of the Republican Party.  It’s fine with me.  It’s the Great American butt f.xk.  It’s government without rules with elected officials on the dole. It’s scrambling to take what they can.  Instead of trying to seek answers to problems they do nothing.  The Gaddafi Republicans will not stop until our government implodes  on itself.  John Boehner knows nothing about economies.  Look at Ohio and what he’s done for them.  Now that the government has taken the insurance company off the hook and all of those old enough for medicare will not only lose their medicare but also their insurance they once had.  The great America screw job.  Don’t worry it’s only the beginning.  You think the earth quake and tsunami in Japan was bad, wait until the Republican tsunami destroys the structure of our government. The new Rogue government.  The Cu de ta that takes us back to the 1930’s.  We deserve everything we are going to get.  How long will it be before they start dropping bombs on us.  We walked through the debris of America in the Bush years from the World Trade Center to Katrina.  The Religious Right with their Godless Religions backed by big money think they will inherit America they are wrong. The only God in America is money.  Baby you aint seen nothing yet.  Wait until the riots start.  It takes Gaddafi Republican to get us off our asses.  Tyranny is always a good motivator


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