The politics of no “Push Back”!

March 28, 2011

You talking to me, are you talking to me!!!?

In the world of baiting politics, we have a new world of no “Push Back”.  When the Republicans want to fight the President they have some state create some crazy law.  For example,  guns.  A law that would let a student carry a gun to school, legally.  That’s just the tip of the iceberg on crazy gun laws.  Well, you’d think that the President would go nuts over such laws.  We should all go nuts and scream.  April is a bad month for Colleges in that respect(gun toting students). Yell and scream like a wild “whatever”.  There is a thousand talking heads waiting in the wings ready and willing to start a feeding frenzy on, “How the President is so anti-gun.” f rom the Classic Rocker of the 1980’s Rush Limbaugh to the crazy Glenn Beck.  When a person pushes forward and there is no resistance one  falls face down in his own crap. Same with abortion, Nebraska has made abortion laws that are unconstitutional to try to provoke a response from the Democrats.  Again a thousand flaming talking heads are standing ready.  John Boehner want he President to help with the budget.  First of all, it’s not the President’s job.  Congress writes the laws.  John Boehner want to have the President disagree with him so all hell can break loose.  Again a choir of angels are waiting in the wings. The Wisconsin anti-labor bill was supposed  evoke the Presidents response.  A law that is probably unconstitutional. All the Republican want the President to respond so they have battle to wage against him.  Only fools rush in where there’s no “Push Back”.  Where is big mouth John Boehner maybe he just wants to do for America what he’s done for Ohio. The President said before he was elected he wasn’t into drama.  All the drama Queens of DC just didn’t believe him.  No”Push Back”.


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