A little rememberance from Japan back to Katrina!

March 15, 2011


Queen BarbaraWhat if the former leaders of Japan’s wife would look down at the mass destruction and say something like, “Some of those people have never had it so good!”  Can you imagine the impact that would have.  What an outcry there would be. Well that is just what happened in this country.  Looking down at the mass destruction of Katrina those words came from former First Lady Barbara Bush’s lips.  The abject hatred and lacking in empathy for her fellow human beings. Maybe it shows how far we have come and how far we are destined to travel.  Everything seems to be a tallyboard here in America.  They win, we win, they win.  We don’t have to care for those who we think don’t matter.  The difference in Japan and their government makes us look at ourselves.  Over a hundred thousand troops working within hours.  We had a President in a big bird flying over our man-made tragedy.  We don’t have a government we have some sort of dyslexic scrambled up suicide march. There is no stopping us.  We are hellbent.


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