Newt Gingrich, blowing smoke up God’s ass!

March 12, 2011

Here ‘s some staged bull shit from Newt Gingrich who believes he still has the religious of this wonderful  country fooled.  In a world where Newt Gingrich is the center and all us others are not.   When his Party had control of the congress and I believe Senate he had 84 ethics violations.  So he only asking for the sexual sins to be forgiven.  The other unlawful endeavors  he says is ok.  The butt bangers like Newt our government can do without.  He has been a soccer mom of politics since he ran from going to jail.  Yelling from the sidelines like some freak.  Afraid to get into the game.  He’s waiting for just the right moment.  Won’t ever happen.  For as his sex crap, he is cured.  As fat and out of shape as he is I doubt he can even get it up.  Probably has diabetes and high blood pressure.  I think Pillsbury is looking for a real live dough boy.

Just in: GOD HAS DECIDED NOT TO FORGIVE NEWT GINGRICH FOR HIS SINS BECAUSE HE IS A LIAR AND WHORE! God doesn’ like to have smoke blown up his ass.


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