Jesus, a man for all people? Just asking

March 3, 2011

One of the usual suspects I am relatively smart.  Not so sure sometimes.  I have come to believe that Jesus (english pronunciation) is everywhere.   You see Jesus is the Yin of the world of power.  You can see Jesus everywhere.  Over the years Jesus and Mr. God ( Not sure how to address Him. I guess anyway He wants to be) have if not orchestrated viewed  from heaven the butchering, slaughtering, and massacre of millions of men, women and children by their “brothers”  The destruction of civilizations with the ease of  skinning a chicken.  Now man his made in God’s image.  Well,  God like Mohamed has no image.  So there you go. I know people have seen Jesus in slices of Pizza, clouds, scrabbled eggs and mud pies.  I know that high school football teams pray to Him before playing in hopes of beating the crap out of the other team.  You see Jesus is power.  Just speaking his name has healed the sick and destroyed a race of people.  I think we have misjudged Jesus.  How many people have died in his name and he still holds the title of  “Prince of Peace”.   Maybe he isn’t really the “Prince of Peace”?  Cause a lot of crap that’s gone down pretty much says the opposite.   Three hundred years of slavery.  Slave owners were God-fearing,  Bible totting believers.  Was this a play on human misery to please Jesus like some  soap opera.  Have we just been a cock-fight or a Vick’s dog fight for the pleasure of those above.  Where was the “Prince of Peace” ?  It appears that he was just being peaceful.  You know not making waves.  All that power and nothing?  The Klu Klux Klan members were or should I say are  men of God or at least by most accounts.  Dressed in their Sears cotton sheets 250 ct.   They were “name dropping”.  They were quoting Jesus and they hanged someone.  They acted as if Jesus was their personal friend and advisor as they lifted a young black man to his death.  Jesus is either not a man of peace or maybe he is just getting his kicks.  It seems that Jesus attracts the most violent and less educated.  We elevate people who use his name and pretend to know and speak with him.  I fell to see the humor of 2000 followers of Jim Jones  rotting in the jungle.   It that the reward of believing.  Of course, unless we really are just animals  in the Zoo that is the earth.  There is no protection for the lambs or baby calves or even us human from those who are more predatory than even a wolf.  Has believing in God become another dirty trick for politicians to use to steal what they can from us. Has our belief in Jesus and God been stolen by those who speak his name to use his power to plunder and kill.  We are fools when we believe those who use his name to con us into believing that Jesus is their right hand man.  Politics is not a high school football game.  Those who speak of Jesus in as a political being to cause harm to others are at the very least suspect . Unless we all end up rotting bodies in the jungle of bad government.


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