Rush Limbaugh, Girl Friend! “The Ribs Connection”

February 22, 2011

Sure Am Good !Rush Limbaugh is the new Mr. Backwell.  He has been practicing for a long while.  Piggie man has decided that he is an expert on who eats what.   His nastiness is so gay friendly if you know what I mean. It’s like he is one of the girls.  Mr. Limbaugh  has never had a problem attacking women or little children.  He has proof that the First Lady doesn’t eat healthy.  Of course,  the “Swinehund” of talk radio,  should worry a little less about what the First Lady puts in her mouth and worry about what comes out of his.   Mr. R (good name for a food and fashion police) has never been shy about verbally attacking women in power.  It’s his feministe power side connection.  He was merciless with Mrs. Clintion and still is.  Mr. R  found out that First Lady was eating “ribs” at a restaurant in Vail.  Showing that she is eating unhealthy.  That’s she wasn’t practicing what she preaches.  It’s the “Ribs Connection” stupid.  It has nothing to do with if the First Lady eat unhealthy but more with “them black folks sure enjoy them Ribs and cornbread”.  It’s you can take black women out of the ghetto but you can’t …..   Mr. R is a connoisseur of  fine cuisine and a superstar of fashion.  When I go on vacation do you think I eat healthy.  No way. It’s my chance to eat what I want.  Sometimes even ribs.   A good ole southern boy like Mr. R was just code wording.  It’s like texting for poor southern racist boys. It’s like talking on the CB, good buddy.   So gurl friend , you just keep trash talking.  I love it when you code talk.  We boys who were raised in the South have a gaydar for code words.  It’s makes us feel like were just like Mr. R.  Call me we will do lunch.  I just luz me some ribs, pork or beefs.   First Lady, you go gurl.  At least Mr. R didn’t catch you eating watermelon, huh.  That would be too obvious.


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