Sarah Palin–“Idiot’s delight!”

January 13, 2011

Please, just shut up!

Again Mrs. Palin has proven to us all how really smart we are to see her for what she is a long time ago (2008).  Another misuse of a phrase has proven her to be as stupid as most of us Americans know her to be.” Blood libel” was way out of the reach of her mental ability.  Like her it is something medieval or in her case Neanderthal.  It’s part of America’s dumbing down.  I would think that maybe she might be looking for the phrase “blood atonement” that was used by the Mormons to kill without guilt.  It’s killing someone who has sinned to atone for their sins.  A catch 22 type of justice.  The Church or the leaders decided who sinned.  However using any term to describe the terrorist attack in Arizona other than what it was is ridiculous.  The outright absurdity of the “Maggot mouths” of the Right to blame anyone but their own self-righteousness and their lack of morals is ridiculous.  To talk more trash about the terrorist massacre in Arizona in unbelievable.  They are like jabbering idiots. We Americas listen to justify thoughts that not Holy or honest.  The line is blurred and we skip over it as freely as a child playing hopscotch. We prefer to play of verbal fisticuffs to good government.  Government is not held to any standard.  It is just anarchy as we battle each other in a game of king of the hill.  We spend more time talking about sports than we do about our government that is filled with greed and corruption.  As long as we dance the dance of fools we will have what we have today.  Instead of talking about solving problems we’re talking about doing each other in code words. Where is Mr. McCain in all this?


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