Rush Limbaugh–Terrorist in Arizona

January 11, 2011

Now is the time, Mr. Beck

1980’s classic mouth, has disavowed that any of his hate mongering had anything to do with the terrorist attack  in Arizona.  We know it did.  He can lie.  He is good at that.   His jig is what the crazies in Arizona love to dance too.  Everyone understands cause and effect.  If  a tree falls ins the forest does only the sane people hear it.    The killer in Arizona is Rush Limbaugh target audience.  Rush’s anti-American bullshit targets impudent men. Men who believe what Rush Limbaugh has been pushing since the 1980s.  You could take a broadcast for the early years and it would sound just like it does today.  We love repeats in America. We love to hear over and over how rotten everyone is except you and me.  The call to arms has been relentless from Rush(Magic Negro)Limbaugh, Glen(Nazi) Beck, Sarah (cross hairs) Palin, Michelle (whites of their eyes)Bachmann and paid talking heads from the Right. The destruction of America is what the Right wants.  If Rush Limbaugh believes in his own self-importance how could he not believe that his words don’t have effect on people . He knows better.  Mr. Limbaugh has become the true leader of the Right.  A surrogate king of the Republic.   Republican  Senators and Congressmen have gone begging for Mr. Limbaugh’s forgiveness for negative statements they have made about him. Like subservient lambs.  Mr. Limbaugh is paid to be what he is.   He knows how to push the buttons of the disenfranchised.  In America with the government we now have it isn’t hard to become just that.  Maybe next time something like this happens and it will, maybe all those crazy ass talking heads should be forced to mob up the blood of the dead and the dying.  Guns don’t kill people just people like Rush Limbaugh’s words that create bone deep hatred of  fellow Americans don’t kill. You can’t create enough hate in a person without using words. Mr. Limbaugh is classic Terrorism 101. Create hatred.  Unfortunately this may the tip of the iceberg. Once it starts no telling where the blood splatter stops.  The man in Arizona killed everyone but his intended target. Buyer beware.


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