Republican’s big payoff in Arizona, “Surrogate Killer”

January 8, 2011


Well, the pot stirring has finally paid off for the Republicans.  Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann (white of their eyes, quote).  It’s finally paying off.  The anti-American government is in full force and will not stop until our cities look like Berlin after WWII.  Their plan for the total destruction of our Democracy is starting to work.  Yes, all those wonderful words of Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh have found a target.  A happy psycho who would do what we all knew the Right was planning this for us.   See how fast they’ll run.  See how fast they deny having anything to do with what has happened. How quickly will they deny the killer was a hero of the Right.   How they were just using their freedom of the press to incite people to murder the innocent.  The Republicans will not accept failure.  When they are losing they are like wild animals.  Killing is not above them.  Is it time for their killing spree to start a new?  Will it be white women this time no black men?  Once it starts the blood will flow.  The Republicans are relentless until they are back in power.  American’s terrorist, born in the USA.  The Patriot American out killing on a Saturday morning. How long before they go for the masses.  Malls, airports etc.  The Republican have tasted blood.  It’s “minuteman” blood lust.  They are like sharks in the water. They are the true enemies of America.  Another loner who listened to the talking heads of talk radio and Fox News. Spewing their anti-America garbage.  He will be like the usual suspects.  He will fit the profile of all the other surrogate killers. A man who would be a hero.  He will be the hero of the silent Right. The silent cheers of the un-hero.  Anarchy is not another word for freedom!!!


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