Barrack Obama’s Waterloo! Or maybe a little “Mr. Bo Janels”

December 8, 2010


Is the President of United States passing? That’s a term usually equated with a person of color who is light skinned enough to pass as white. That’s not the kind of passing I’m talking about.  It’s a different kind of passes. I’m so amazed that a black President is in the process of giving a big tax break to the rich (again).  I’m wondering if he might just be passing.  Not as a white person but as a Democrat. Is he really a Republican but just can’t say he words out loud.  I’m not sure because he’s acting like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid one minute and then he goes against common sense to pass a tax cut for the rich  in tough times.  It smells of Reagan or maybe Mr. Gingrich but not of a Johnson or a Kennedy.  Remember when Ted Kennedy embraced Obama a one of the lost Kennedy brothers or something like that.  Could Barrack Obama be playing the Republicans.  They want to do that Newt thing again.  You know,  shut down the government.  So if he gives them what they want. If they only knew what they wanted. I think that our President is street smart and knows what a “White guy wants”.  It’s a super big gamble for the Republicans going for the “shut down”.  It could throw us into a deep depression. That’s what the elephant boys have wanted for a long time.  They then dismantle the government and start their own Third Reich.  Afterall the super white race is losing their status in the world.  The only super power left is China.  They ain’t white.  The Republicans are trying to hold on to something that only existed  except on post cards and the cover of  Post magazine.  If the two twits,  Boehner  and McConnell think they have enough sense to pull it off the are wrong. They better keep that hot line open to Newt(the shut down king) Gingrich.  You think that all of these politicians are bought and paid for by the super rich and powerful.  You think maybe just maybe we might have just lost control of our government.  It’s been “wag the dog” for a long time.   We are no longer control our destiny.  The super rich may very well control us and our govenment.  President Obama’s Waterloo?  I don’t think so.  Political Waterloos come and go.  Oh about Mr. Bo Janels I was talking about us Americas who may very just be the ones who will be dancing for our food.


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