The Wonderful World of Nazi and Nazi-isms and Nazi-ain’t-isms

November 21, 2010

Roger Ailes, the rotting fish head of Fox News, is using the “N’ world again.  Not that “N” word but the other one “Nazi”.  I know that Mr. Ailes is really smart cause why else would he be part of such a fine News organization.  But sometimes he is not smarter than a 5th grader.  When he calls someone or something a “Nazi” he is having a brain fart.  Now that he can’t use the word Muslim because he is being paid by one.   Lets take NPR and that whole empire of PBS. You see PBS has a responsiblity for the truth.  Fox News has a responsiblity to make Mr. Murdoch some dough.  Now when Mr. Ailes calls NPR  Nazis does that mean they advocate good highways (Autobahn).  Does it mean NPR advocates the killing of Jews, homo, gypsies or any human being  (lets add Mexicans and blacks} they don’t care for? (How absurd!) Does it mean NPR advocates the invasion of Poland? Hell let’s get this straight.  Does Mr. Ailes imply that PBS wants us all to wear lederhosen or dirndls.   In a world where chaos is the rule of the day is Mr. Ailes calling any organization or anyone who adheres to the rules is somehow a Nazi. Chaos is not another word for freedom.  Is PBS  really something for Mr. Ailes to have angst (Fear).  Maybe just a little Schadenfreude in his little pea brain.  In a world of Fox News where it’s a free for all ( kinderspiel if you will).  Where truth and facts have no place for the glass slipper princesses who read the News like the showgirls they are.  In a world of darkness, PBS is a light where pathetic Fox News can’t even hold a candle.  Fox News owned by  foreigner.  Just like the rest of this country.  The American people own PBS.  I think maybe the problem with Mr. Ailes is he has dreams.  Dreams about all those PBS stations and what he could do with that whole empire by turning it into Super Fox News.  Thousands of stations Mr. Murdoch could take control of  and make his fascist Empire a wonder for the world to see.   A super empire that would make Hitler proud.  I mean, Stand away from the fat Man yeah make Hilter proud.  It would be possible with the Republicans and President who is just trying to get along .  All you people who believe that Mr. Ailes gives a crap about Juan Williams.  Think again, he wouldn’t  know the difference in Juan and one of the ‘boys’ at his country club.

P.S.  Mr. Ailes might realize that we Americans live in the now.  What happened in the 1930’s and 1940’s might as well happened on the Moon.  Unless he puts it to music and puts in on Youtube!


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