Glenn Beck, the darling of the Left!

November 12, 2010

I have a way of staying away from Glenn Beck.  I know where he is.  On radio I don’t put my auto tune on his radio station.  On satellite dish I’m smart enough to have Fox News disappear off my playlist.  The problem I have is the Left and their preoccupation with a nobody. In ten years he will be like one of those high school big shots that you can’t seem to remember his name.  I guess the Left needs Glenn Beck because they have no one who will stand up of the “progressives” or whatever the hell that is.  Everytime Glenn Beck farts we are all given a blow-by-blow analysis from decibel to velocity to aroma intensity.  I don’t care about Glenn Beck.  I don’t care what he thinks. I don’t care to hear his little man voice.  The Left needs to get a life or maybe a political party or something.    Why does Glenn Beck get more coverage than the President of the United States.  The President is on a world tour and there isn’t any coverage but there is Glenn Beck.  “Glenn Beck said this and he said that.”  So what, who gives a damn besides the Left.  His isn’t an elected official.  It must be easier to talk about Glenn Beck than it is to get real News.  I know that all the cyber News folks love to spread Glenn Beck doctrine of stupidity around.  The Right doesn’t care what the Left has to say so why are the cyber News folks spreading the gospel according the Glenn Beck.  The Right thanks them all for spreading the word.  The Right will praise him regardless.  The Left wants what from Mr. Beck, an enemy, the Left already has plenty of them?  Even in the world of cyber News there are pages to fill and lies to spread and people to mislead.  If you ignore him he will go away, I promise.  The only things holding him up is hot air and the Left.   The Left supplying most of the hot air.


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