The Purification of George Bush

November 8, 2010

Our Ex beloved President is telling us things we already know.  Except he has filter them a little for us.   He said “he had a love affair with alcohol”.  When you’re rich” it’s a love affair” and you have all the people around you enabling you ” it’s a love affair”.  When you disappear from military service and you have family and friends lying for you it something else.  I can see that look on Laura Bush’s  face.  A look of someone who has carried the baggage all the years.  She always looks  tired.  The one who stood by her man.  All the others who had their “affairs” have not fared so well.  I think it’s part of his denial that he can’t say that he was a down in the gutter drunk.  Of course, Georgie was born with a silver spoon in his mouth so I would imagine his gutter was lined with silver or gold.  To make it sound like it was a little fairytale about a prince that fell in love with that wicked damsel booze is part of  his constant play on words that makes his sins less than they really were.   President George Bush was a wino, he was a booze head, a drunk, etc.  The “love affair” was all-consuming.  There was no one else in the world except Georgie and his bottle. His family wasn’t important.  His military service wasn’t important. Just that bottle of booze.  It was George Bush’s “Days of Wine and Roses”.

George Bush said that he was deeply hurt when Kenin West called him a racist.  Pllleeeaaassseee.  He couldn’t even say Negro with a silver spoon in his mouth.  He started a war that killed hundreds of thousands and he is hurt when a black man calls him a racist.  A man who used the word ‘ nigger’ for the first 30 years of his life.   Don’t believe you, batman.  These new fake feelings that George Bush is feeling is bullshit, cowpaddies or whatever Roy Rogers word you want to use.  His true feelings were drowned in his love affair year ago. 

Yes, he used torture, you’re damn right. Brave now he knows nothing is going to happen to him.  He was thinking about dropping Mr. Cheney after the first term.  You mean Cheney was thinking about dropping him.  Cheney wasn’t going anywhere.  You couldn’t have pried him away from that office with all the pry bars in the world.

Saint George looking through the looking glass

The purification of George Bush is on track.  He will become St. George.   The saint of men who fall from heaven into vat of gin.  He will become something that he never was, a good President.  The only way that will happen is in a fairytale where the prince has a love affair with Wild Turkey. Or where St George looks down from heaven through the looking-glass at people dying because he would not be President. The purification of George has just begun.  What the hell, we will believe anything.  Good Luck  Saint George.  Real men never show they have feelings. Isn’t that a quote from the great writer of them all Zang Grey.

George Bush hasn’t got a clue about feelings.  He focuses on things that don’t mean anything.  He thinks thats what we want to hear.  He doesn’t know what is important becuae everything has equal importance. That’s what booze does for you. It levels everything so you can’t tell what is important and what is not.  After eight years we all understand.


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