President Obama, did we buy a box of rocks?

November 4, 2010

I hesitate to write this because it’s maybe racist to some and I think to me a little.  However, it’s a modern Aesop fable.  Years ago when I lived in Dallas I was a salesman who traveled all over the city.   I would go over by Fair Park where there was a large black community.   One day I was making my rounds then a flashy ( gold tooth and bling around his neck) black guy came up to me talking jive.  It was nothing new.  I thought he was going to bum a dollar or some cigarettes.  He said that he had been working for the video warehouse and he had acquired some VCRs.  If I was interested he would sell me one of them for $100 dollars(that’s when VRCs just came out)  His buddy was in a van. We walked over to the van. In the back were stacks of VCRs.  I guess it took a thief to know a thief.  I was hooked.  I looked in my wallet and found $60.  I told them that’s all I had.  ” No Problem dude,  I’ll give you a deal cause you look honest.  (a joke, I guess).   He took my money and handed me my new VCR.   I started to my car and the van quickly made its exit onto the street.   I made my way home and after I finished work I had a chance to look at my new VCR.  I pulled in the garage and opened the trunk.  I pull off the plastic that sealed my prized.  I greedily opened the box.  To my surprise among the paper was some of the prettiest rocks I’d ever seen. (N0t Really).  I was taken by my black friend.  At least, that what I thought at the time but it was greed that bought me a box of rocks.  

Now I wondering if we as Americans have somehow bought a box of rocks or is it just buyer remorse.  All my friends are so disappointed with President Obama.  All the promises that weren’t fulfilled. Things that couldn’t have made the results of the election any worse.  DADT, Gitmo, War Crimes,  Wall Street, the Banks and the list goes on.  Did we buy a box of rocks or did we have dreams of what was in the box.  We have found that our President is neither God or Jesus.  He is no magical negro or does he have super human powers.  The box of rocks was in the House and God bless all the Democrats that lost.  They thought they were individually important and they found out different.  Harry Reid should resign.  He is the head rock.  I think the real box of  rocks is in the Republicans they never do well as leaders as in obstructing.  Now they will have to do more than say “No”. Mr. Boehner will have to get sober and spend a little less time on the golf course.  Hopefully, Ohio won’t lose anymore manufacturing jobs if there are any left.  The Republicans have control of the House lets see what they can do or are they just another box of rocks.  Lets get rid of Social Security, Medicare, Health Care, Public Schools  and all the goodies.  Come on guys just do it!  Are you just another box of rocks.


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