Voters time to decide, the good, bad and the ugly!

November 1, 2010

It’s time to vote again. It’s really an after thought for the politicians. Afterall what do we have to do with anything.  The politicians are more interested in what China has to say than it’s citizens.  They have been acting like they are Chinese for a very long time.  Sending all our jobs overseas to the Communist. Did they win some war? I don’t think so.  How many jobs would there be if China wasn’t doing our manufacturing? How many? China should be paying our unemployment insurance. Our government is outsourcing our jobs to anyone who wants them.  As fast as they can. The Republicans or Democrats neither Party has been working for us just money that can fill their pockets.  They gave all our jobs away and now they blame us for being lazy and not wanting to work.  Of course, those who are working believe them because why would someone not be working.  As they make the rich richer and the poor poorer they blame emigration or bad times.  If we were doing our own manufacturing we could employe the 10 millions aliens that live here, oh, most of them are already working.  Our buddy boys who we elect time and time again.  Doing  a little butt banging  every chance they can.  They want to destroy social security or privatize it so some of their buddies can get richer until they lose all our money and then they said too bad.  The politicians are trying to convince us that we don’t deserve to live like humans.  We should live no better than pigs in squalor.  We think with their code words they are talking about those people. We are too stupid to understand they are talking about all of us.  Meanwhile they are supporting the oil companies and big business. The thing they really don’t understand is that without us they are dead in the water. The Republicans believe that the politics of saying ” no” is good politics.  Yes it is, but bad government.  If defeating Obama is the Republicans only agenda then where does that leave America?  Without government.  So get out and vote. Lets see what happens.  Let see how far bad government will take us down the road.  How’s that working for us?


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