Ron Paul and the Situation!

October 27, 2010

This is a Stuation, Mr Paul

Tea Party members act more and more like Klansmen by stepping on a fellow humans head like she was some kind of wild animal.  The white thugs of the Tea Party have been acting like Nazi Brown Shirts  ever since the election of President Barrack Obama.  I type that all out on purpose.  Ron Paul with toupee glue down, “That  was a situation.”   We are not talking Jersey Shore here. We are talking about grown men acting like thugs. It’s not different from the Republican Party.  It’s members have become thugs, wise guys in a world of gangster politics.  The Tea Party guys are paid thugs.  They have been created by the Republicans to do their dirty work. So what the hell, we Americans love a little violence served with our politics. There is some really bad times ahead for us.  The Supreme Court just opened the vaults for anyone conservative who will follow the lead of all things anti-American.  I think they may have just bought a pig in a poke.  Big business has become so anti-consumer that in the end their wonder dreams of  having all the money in the world (straight from the greed factory) may be short-lived. No telling what the Republicans “Blackwater” thugs have in store for anyone who disagrees with them.  Will they be hauling us all off  to  concentration camps. Will the ovens that once dotted Europe open in the American plains.  Will the Elliot Ness’ of thug politics rain down a reign of terror.  The conservatives have always used voilence when necessary.  Republican politcans are saying if the Repulbicans don’t get back the House there will be a revolution.  We will see.  Pon Paul,  it may be a situation for you like Rodney King was a situation for the LA police. If Ameicans condon this kind of behavior then what happens when it’s them with a heel against their neck.  Oh, it’s just a Situation


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